New Year, New York


2015 came much too quickly, and before I even survived Christmas (heck, Thanksgiving), the new year arrived and I was on another plane to another city. New year, New York I headed. With my metro card in hand and comfy sneakers on, I hit the ground running for a busy week of activities. My favorite thing about New York City …


Versailles, Le Grand Trianon


The famous Versailles architect Jules Mansart built Le Grand Trianon in the late 1860s as an escape of sorts from the formality of the grand palace. French pink marble, sweet gardens, and geometric courtyards blend in wonderful, cozy proportions against the heavily Italian-influenced architecture that defines this group of buildings. Of course by “cozy” I mean palatial… and yet still …

Versailles, Part 2


So where were we before that fashion interruption? I believe we were just about to enter the Queen’s Grand Apartment, which was once occupied by three queens: Marie-Thérèse, Marie LeszczyÅ„ska, and Marie-Antoinette. A few dauphines also made this place their residence long before the palace was finally invaded on October 6, 1789 by rioters who had apparently had enough of…not …


Paris Dubai

IMG_4778 (800x600)

I know, I asked you to meet me back at Versailles after the lunch break and here I am transporting you instead to Dubai. Please excuse the fashion interruption but sometimes my Instagram feed needs to synch up with my blog! So anyway, today’s report is from my last reconnaissance trip to the boutiques for the winter pre-sales. Though I …

Versailles, Part One

The last time I visited Versailles was at least a good decade and a half ago, in the dead of winter, and I swore I would find a nicer day to return for a better look once my toes and fingers thawed out. So seven weeks ago I picked a Sunday and hoped that the calendar at the Versailles website …