Road To Adoption: When Opportunity “Knokke”s

Back in November of 2013 I posted about this seaside visit to Knokke in Northern Belgium. The trip was memorable but I never really thought any adoption would really come from it, especially as months began to accumulate without so much as a hint of possibility. Then just as my summer began to pick up heat from a new work project in July of this year, out of nowhere I received a (rather early) phone call from some random number with a country code of 32. Belgium. My heart raced. Could someone I know there be in trouble? The mind went into overdrive as scenarios played out in my head in the second or two it took to answer the phone.

As it turned out, it was I who was in trouble. “Madame, we have your Kelly.” There are no five other words in the English language that could bring me as much joy. Except maybe: “Madam President, Oprah is here.” Or: “Karl Lagerfeld reads your blog.” But I digress… So off went my funds from my bank to Hermès’s and off I went to Belgium some ten weeks later.


A few train rides ensued…




And then the adrenaline went into overdrive right about here:





I checked my watch, as any expectant parent would, to memorialize the exact time of crossing the threshold to meet my new child



glanced around me one last time to say au revoir to the life before seeing her…


then sat down here while they brought her out to me:


I should have opted for champagne even if it was early morning–isn’t it 5 o’clock somewhere?–to calm my nerves. But before I knew it, the suspense was over.


Twenty months of gestation were over.


And I couldn’t wait to get my grubby paws all over it.


And there she was, the  Hermès Kelly 28 in etain togo, exactly as her “mom” imagined her all those months ago on a whim of a trip. When the lovely SM who had taken my order came out to greet me, we had a nice chat about my perseverance for the bag. Little did he know that I actually had very low expectations of this delivery, even if he had no doubt. We even discussed my next order. Well, let’s say he was amused by my order choice. I can’t say that there wasn’t doubt in his mind this time about my new order coming to fruition. But dear readers, how many times have I written here that if one dreams, one should always ask for the stars and everything beyond?

After my order was written down and a few other goodies were wrapped up, I took one last look toward the exit as I’m apt to do. Whenever a special event happens, I always look around me to record the visuals of my surroundings to my long term memory bank. In case that’s the last special event to ever happen, I will at least have a full, panoramic memory to recall.


And no, the road to adoption will never get old for me. No matter how challenging it may take to find that bag, I am up for the adventure.



As long as planes, trains, automobiles, and feet are available and schedule permitting, I will get there.



Funnily enough, this sign was above my seat on the train…as well as the seat next to me reserved for my new child:



So that’s the latest stop on my road to adoption. When opportunity knocks, I always answer. Especially if it comes from Knokke.




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  1. lady sarah in london

    Love, love this. congratulations miss Larkie! And by the way, where are your black trousers from? Very chic look.

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