The Outfit Du Jour series was started as a thread at the purse forum. After about a year of posting these outfits there, I thought it would be fun to catalog them here at my blog so that we can memorialize the good, the bad, and the not-so-great moments in this love affair I have with fashion, especially all things CHANEL! The first outfit here will always be the most recent one, and hopefully as I go on the road I’ll be able to blend the fashion into the travel.  You can also click on any thumbprint located at the end of this page to view the outfits as a gallery.

ODJ Kelly/Look 5: Chanel 10A jacket with goatskin leather strips blended into the tweed, Exhilaration dark jeans, YSL nude tribtoo slingbacks, white t-shirt.

ODJ Kelly/Look 4: Chanel 08 chain cardigan, white tshirt, black theory shorts, Chanel camellia wedge sandals, Hermes K32.

ODJ Kelly/Look 3: Chanel 13C tweed jacket set, 7 jeans, Chanel suede slides, Hermes K32.

ODJ Kelly/Look 2: white Cherokee henley shirt, white theory pants, Chanel quilted smoking slippers, Hermes etoupe K32.

ODJ Kelly/Look 1: Chanel 12P dress, YSL black tribtoo slingbacks, Hermes etoupe K32.

ODJ 244: Gucci black jersey gown with leather halter,  Gucci black heels,  Chanel patent black python timeless clutch.

ODJ 243: Chanel 08A cardigan with chains, white BR tank, Mynk jeans, Chanel black wedges, Chanel 2.55 flap.

ODJ 242 Taliesin West: Chanel 09P jacket, JCrew black tank, theory cropped linen pants, Chanel PVC camellia sandals, Chanel dark beige ostrich flap.

ODJ 241 Phoenix Old Town: BR black cashmere cardigan, black silk top with silver beading, jeans, 09P Chanel black wedge sandals, Chanel patent black timeless clutch.

ODJ 240 Phoenix Suns Game: Stella McCartney for Gapkids band jacket, JCrew grey tank, theory cropped khakis, Chanel beige sandals, Chanel dark beige ostrich flap.

ODJ 239: JCrew argyle cardigan with pale gold trims, white BR tank, 7 jeans, Gucci pale gold sandals, Chanel dark green python e/w tote.

ODJ 238: Nicole Miller bronzy gown, Prada dark gold gator sandals, gold evening clutch.

ODJ 237: black Vince cashmere open cardigan, white tank, black  theory capris, Chanel cambon ballerina flats, black 2.55 flap, and 09P dimitri brooch.

ODJ 236: Gucci silk car jacket from Winter 08, Gucci tank, 7 jeans, black patent Manolo heels, pearlized dark grey jumbo flap, tahitian pearl necklaces.

ODJ 235: white theory linen top, black theory cotton pants, Chanel cambon belt,  Chanel 08P patent black slingbacks with white captoe.

ODJ 234: Chanel 08A jacket, theory black pants, matte dark gold 2.55 flap.

ODJ 233:  Gucci cashmere cowlneck sweater, Gucci pants, Chanel peeptoe pumps, Chanel black 2.55 flap.

ODJ 232: Chanel 06P beaded cardigan,  theory capris, Dior sandals, pearlized dark grey jumbo flap.

ODJ 231: Missoni tank sweater, 7 jeans, Dior flats, dark brown caviar Kelly bag.

ODJ 230: 09P heavily braided sweater, theory pants, 09P camellia slingbacks.

ODJ 229 SSMF: random tshirt, 7 jeans, CHANEL espadrilles, black reissue camera bag.

ODJ 228: M Missoni dress, Fendi peeptoe sandals, black reissue camera bag.

ODJ 227: black BR shirt, exhiliration black skinny jeans, Prada python sandals, silvery gold Leo flap.

ODJ 226: JCrew embellished tee, Mynk jeans, Prada croc sandals, dk brown caviar Kelly bag.

ODJ 225 San Francisco/Sacramento: 09P logo tank, theory linen capris, Jcrew cardi, Fendi patent buckle sandals, black reissue camera bag.

ODJ 224 Brussels: Tory Burch embellished tank, True Religion white jeans, Gucci horsebit sandals, CHANEL grey large camera bag.

ODJ 223 Prague, day: CHANEL grey tank, jeans, GAP grey camo scarf, grey converse sneakers, Leo flap.

ODJ 223 Prague, early morning: theory black linen cami, jcrew grey cashmere long cardi, jeans, grey converse sneakers, Leo flap.

ODJ 222 Prague: Chanel 09P tank, theory linen pants, magenta raw silk scarf, jcrew flipflops, Chanel Leo flap bag.

ODJ 221 Prague: Tory Burch beaded tank, Chanel 09P jacket, Mynk jeans, running shoes, Chanel “Leo” flap bag.

ODJ 220 The Netherlands: Jcrew tshirt, Banana Republic linen pants, GAP camouflage scarf, grey Converse sneakers, Chanel large grey camera bag.

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ODJ 219 Dublin: Jcrew grey tshirt, Jcrew argyle cardi, Burberry jacket, running shoes, 7 jeans, Chanel flap with lion head closure.

ODJ 218 Dublin: Jcrew olive tshirt, Piazza Sempione cardigan, Louis Vuitton cashmere muffler, jeans, running shoes, Burberry pukey green jacket, and classic flap with lion closure.

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ODJ 217 Gent: 09C tank top, piazza sempione cardigan, 7 jeans, grey canvas Converse sneakers, grey 2.55 large camera bag.

ODJ 216 Antwerp: Tory Burch beaded tank, 7 jeans, Prada knit sports jacket, grey canvas Converse sneakers, grey 2.55 large camera bag, cc 09C earrings.

ODJ215 Belgium: mossimo patio dress, gucci flats, grey 2.55 large camera bag

ODJ214: theory stretch linen maxi dress, Louboutin flats, black 2.55 medium camera bag, 09C earrings.

ODJ213: Chanel 09C butterfly dress worn as tunic, True Religion jeans, Chanel 09C canvas wedges with silver heart buckles.

ODJ212: Chanel 09P runway jacket, jcrew white tank, paperdenimcloth jeans, Fendi heels, grey gator flap.

ODJ 211: Prada blush dress, Prada snakeskin black/blush heels, black Leo flap.

ODJ 210: Prada black dress, Fendi heels, black “Leo” flap.

ODJ 209: Mossimo degrade grey patio dress, grey Miu Miu suede + python sandals, grey alligator classic flap.

ODJ208: black tuxedo shirt, YSL vintage lace pencil skirt, Prada watersnake hh sandals, Tahitian pearls.  I adore the shoes so much I’m showing front, side, and back views of them below!

ODJ207/SF: Jcrew cardi, Jean Paul Gaultier halter camisole, jeans, Chanel sandals, Chanel bronze reissue flap.

ODJ206/Napa: Banana Republic open sweater, BR tank, jeans, converse leather sneakers, Chanel bronze reissue flap.

ODJ205/Mayacama: jcrew cardi, jcrew sequined tank, jeans, Gucci sandals, Chanel bronze reissue flap.

ODJ204: jcrew ivory cashmere open cardi, chanel double-ply silk chiffon tuxedo shell, mynk jeans, chanel sandals, silver “Leo” flap.

ODJ203: black cotton sundress, 06P black/tan Chanel espadrilles, Chanel tan ostrich flap.

ODJ202: 05C black Chanel tank cotton tank, black theory linen pants, patent red Manolo slingbacks, white caviar jumbo flap.

ODJ201: black Gucci shirt, black theory pants, black suede Prada wedges, bone white jumbo caviar flap.

ODJ200 Oh Baby: white baby gap onesie, white swaddle cloth, huggies diaper, black jumbo caviar.

ODJ199 NYC: Thakoon for Target shirt, jeans, black jumbo caviar flap

ODJ198: JCrew open cardigan + cotton shirt, jeans, Gucci slides, Chanel bronze 2.55 flap.

ODJ197: Vince cashmere open cardi, Jcrew rosette tee, 7 jeans, Gucci slides, black 2.55 camera bag.

ODJ196: Jcrew cardigan and tshirt, Mossimo khakis, black leather converse sneakers, Chanel canvas tote.

ODJ195: Missoni angora knit top, theory corduroy pants, Prada slingbacks, brown alligator flap.

ODJ194: Missoni knit cardi with silk georgette front, JCrew tank, 7 jeans, black caviar jumbo flap.

ODJ193: JCrew silk top, theory linen/cotton pants, Prada anniversary dk gold croc heels, Chanel brown gator flap.

ODJ192/ODJ bday: Ferretti chiffon top, Mynk jeans, Manolo peeptoe sandals, Chanel lucky flap.

ODJ191: Missoni pullover sweater with chiffon front, cami, 7 jeans, Chanel capped toe mules, Chanel black alligator classic flap.

ODJ190: Macy’s INC black tiered dress, Chanel white camellia pin, Chanel ballerinas, Chanel black alligator classic flap.

ODJ189: 04C tweed blouson jacket, black Mynk jeans, jCrew top, Chanel peeptoe pumps, black caviar flap.

ODJ188: Chanel 07C coral cardigan with balloon sleeves, JCrew ruffle henley, 7 jeans, JPTods ballerina, Chanel dk gold 2.55 flap.

ODJ187: Thakoon for Target top, Mynk jeans, Chanel patent spectator slingbacks, Chanel medium camera bag.

ODJ186: JCrew cardi, JCrew tank, jeans, Chanel encrusted lion head necklace, Chanel black jumbo caviar classic flap, Chanel camellia jelly flip flops.

ODJ185: This outfit is my shout-out to Michelle Obama who’s touring Europe with one of my favorite labels: JCrew! JCrew pale cardi and sequined Vneck vest with chiffon inserts, jeans, Chanel silvery gold flap with lion clasp. Here we also see how this same bag from yesterday leans toward the shimmery gold tone whereas yesterday i paired it up to look more silvery. Love the versatility of this bag!

ODJ184: Banana Republic monogram tuxedo shirt, theory slim pants, 05P Chanel necklace, Rene Caovilla heels, Chanel silvery gold flap with lion clasp.

ODJ183: Chanel 08A cashmere cardigan; BR tank; 7 jeans; Chanel necklace, medium grey camera bag, and grey quilted ballerina flats.

ODJ 182: Missoni cardi, Banana Republic cami, Jill Stuart jeans, CHANEL patent gladiator sandals, and CHANEL bronze 2.55 bag.

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  1. Annie

    I just discovered your blog from http://www.featherfacor.com
    I love your bags and shoes collections. Your Tahitian pearl necklaces are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed looking at all your treasures. Keep on posting.

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  3. Catherine

    Hello Larkie, I just wanted to say I have just discovered you on the purse forum and have been absolutely hooked ever since on seeing your incredible range of Chanel. You have the most amazing stuff and I would say the best selection! Beautiful.
    Could I ask how many Chanel handbags you have?

  4. Anonymous

    Is your bronze 2.55 a medium or jumbo? (226 or 227 size)? Thanks. I love it and wanted o order one….

  5. Anonymous

    Just discovered your blog. I am speechless the most positive way I can be. I am sure I will be checking your blog regularly. 🙂 Thank you for doing it.

  6. rosanna

    wow!!! love your exotic bag collection! can i ask for your style opinion on a black chanel bag? would you recommend the jumbo with silver or gold hardware or the reissue 227 with gold? thank you sooo much!!!

  7. Christine Lim

    Hi Larkie! I’m a big fan of your website and your wardrobe posts on the tPF! Love all your Chanel tweed jackets! Are you able to tell me what size you wear in the Chanel jackets?

  8. larkie

    ^hi aida, i’ll check when i get back from this trip to get you the info on that jacket. i’m unable to view the gallery pics on my netbook while on the road!!

  9. aida

    Hi.. Just want to check the jacket (colorful) in page 5 and 6 is really nice. That’s collection fro which year? If u don’t mind, the price?

  10. claire

    I saw your chanel Pearlized dark grey Jumbo flap and I fell in love with it. Mind telling me whats the item code via email? 🙂

    Thank you very much


  11. Anonymous

    wow!!! that’s all I can say. I’ve decided this year to change my fashion style…i’ve been a bag enthusiast but never shoes and clothes…you inspired me but i think i can just admire you because for one, you are so skinny and i’m not…all the pregnancy weight (3 times!!!) never seemed to have came off!!!

  12. shoes shoes shoes

    Hi L,
    I notice you have a lot of shoes. I was wondering, is it possible to do a post about shoes?

  13. Anonymous

    the painting in page 3 of the last pic (red jacket with the forever21 pants) is really nice. would you mind sharing to us what that is?

  14. scholastican

    Ah, the ODJ challenge that launched thousands of women running to their SAs in pursuit of all things beautiful modelled by you. Thanks for the insspiration MissL!

  15. Sabrina

    Hi L, I am looking at one page per day to truly soak in each outfit. My favorites from page one are pics 7&8. That is our Chanel TPF Queen in all her glory. If you ever get a chance to meet uncle Karl, that should be the ODJ along with one of your fab exotic bags!

  16. cutiekiara

    Hi Larkie, congrats on your new blog.. I’ll def will check it out and get inspiration from you… good job

  17. IceEarl

    Dea Larkie, thank you for sharing this blog with us, I have just looked at all the ODJ again…with a smile on my face.. I saw my favorite cardigan, favorite bag, favourite pearls once again… what a journey… thanks 🙂

  18. Eileen

    You don’t have to play princess my dear friend, you are our Chanel Royal Highness! Karl would be so lucky to adopt you…LOL

    Want to know mine? Its the aqua Missoni dress with gray CB tote!

    I am so excited about this blog. I feel you are the kind of person who succeeds in whatever you set your heart to do. I hope that in the pages that unfold, you’ll have the time to share with us how you overcame the odds to get where you are today:-)

  19. Eva

    Larkie, you have so many gorgeous clothes and accessories! Thanks for sharing all the eye candies with us. Keep up the good work!

  20. larkie

    hi E! i think my favorite ODJ would be the black/white evening gown. i don’t get to play priincess too often so it’s a real treat to wear that gown out!

  21. wai

    Larkie! Congrat!!!
    Finally if i want to find a look that i want to copy or get inspired… i dont have to go over 400 pages thread anymore~

    You have really done well!!! Congrat~

  22. littlefish

    i love your ODJ – missoni dress. Oh i havent finished looking at your pics… But i have vivid memory of your missoni dress.

  23. Eileen

    Walking down memory lane brings a tear to my eye my dear friend! You have outdone yourself in this challenge and far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Can I ask which ODJ is your personal favourite?:-)

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