Versailles, Part 2

So where were we before that fashion interruption? I believe we were just about to enter the Queen’s Grand Apartment, which was once occupied by three queens: Marie-Thérèse, Marie LeszczyÅ„ska, and Marie-Antoinette. A few dauphines also made this place their residence long before the palace was finally invaded on October 6, 1789 by rioters who had apparently had enough of…not eating cake.

It’s somewhat eerie to so publicly revisit places once inhabited by people with private lives, but against the backdrop of today’s over-sharing culture, I couldn’t help but wonder what Marie-Antoinette would have done had she had social media at her fingertips. Just imagine her building her last defense from this very library had the Internet existed back then…

For all the grandeur of French architecture on the palace grounds, my favorite part of Versailles is actually its gardens and parks. You truly have to get out of the palace to appreciate the harmony engrained in every aspect of this place:

There are definitely many beautiful palace grounds around the world, but where else do you get views like these?

I could stand here all day and dream about what ifs…no wonder Marie-Antoinette was inspired for world domination.

But alas, we all know where her dreams got her. So let’s tighten our shoelaces and see what’s beyond this road:


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