About L@L


On separate but equally memorable occasions I ran across two nomadic tribes in places as distant from Los Angeles as I could get. In one place I saw a beautiful but sullen teenaged bride in a wedding procession, dressed in incredibly intricate ethnic attire, sitting atop a white horse sideways. Her perfect posture did not betray her nerves. Then across the world in the middle of a desert, I encountered an older man leading his herd and family to destinations unknown. His feet camouflaged into the orange sand.  In both cases I saw the identical, faraway expression in their eyes. My camera couldn’t quite capture the glassy, hollowed look either time, but all I have to do is look in the mirror to see it again. This is a confession of a nomad at heart. And these are my reports from the road.




My name is Larkie and I’m a recovering attorney and an incurable fashionista. I would do just about anything to not have to practice most types of law or listen to country music.  Or wear ugly shoes. As a middle child of three girls I know what it’s like to be invisible even if my parents tell each of us we’re their favorite child. I can’t remember when I wasn’t restless. The travel bug bit me early on and has festered inside my system for all of my adult life; I wouldn’t mind waking up in a new city every other week. The fashion bug, however, infected me when I was in my tyrannical toddler years and broke into my mother’s closet and make up stash. I didn’t like ugly shoes back then either.

This whole blogging thing is a fun way to document my life on the road and to let my family know that wanderlust is not a terminal condition. Just chronic. It’s also a way for me to justify my endless hours of “research” looking at fashion magazines, websites, and cable channels. And who am I kidding–blogging is just a lot cheaper than therapy.

So, while you are reading me, do you have cute shoes on?