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I know, I asked you to meet me back at Versailles after the lunch break and here I am transporting you instead to Dubai. Please excuse the fashion interruption but sometimes my Instagram feed needs to synch up with my blog!

So anyway, today’s report is from my last reconnaissance trip to the boutiques for the winter pre-sales. Though I should have been checking off my final list for the Pre-fall and Fall collections, I had an Aha moment right in the middle of the dressing room. Why was I (unenthusiastically) looking through the racks for the winter items when all I wanted to do was try on items from the 2015 Resort season?

Those fabrics probably had something to do with it, along with the unseasonably warm weather we’re having here in California (I’m quite sure Santa Claus will be changing into shorts when he hits LA in a few weeks). My head was filled with sunshine, sand, and visions of the opulent Paris-Dubai runway so it was nearly impossible to remain in winter mode. The Paris-Dallas and supermarket collections seemed suddenly so distant to me.

And then I had a second Aha moment.

How much can I get for a healthy kidney anyway? How many other organs do I have in pairs that I can sell a spare?

But all kidding aside, I am in a fashion pickle. Stores are stocking less inventory in my size, Karl keeps inventing wonderful concoctions, and new (and old) Chanel RTW buyers continue to collect…so my competition is fierce. If I really love something, I probably do not have the luxury of waiting for them to go on sale.

My work is cut out for me. It’s time to review, edit, repeat and come up with the final (long) short list to give to the boutiques.

This Paris Dubai collection is just starting to trickle in and I fear there may be other wonderful pieces I would love. I’m taking comments and votes. What do you think should be on my actual buy list?


  1. E

    I love the cashmere cardigan on you!!!!!

  2. maria linnea

    Ah I love this!
    I do love the dress and the black and white jacket! But ah, so many wonderful items!

    I would love to see more of this kind of posts! Love everything chanel!

    Could you mabye show us how the items you purchase are wrapped up? And do like a unboxing in pictures? Would love to see this!

    Can´t wait to see what you get from this collection!

    I just purchased a pair of trousers from Célines resort collection, do you have anything from Céline?
    I did love them, but I do think that I would love the RTW from Chanel even more, and especially the wrapping! No one beats Chanel there!

    hugs from europe

  3. pursebop

    Beautiful new site, LOVE IT!
    Very fresh and inviting 🙂
    Love PurseBop

  4. Scholastican

    Ok, have regained my senses after being overwhelmed by all things wonderful a.k.a., Paris-Dubai RTW. I vote for your to buy the short black and white knit jacket(absolutely perfect on you as is), the optic black/white swing jacket(for its fanciful design yet wearable execution), and if the cream/gold/black tweed comes in a different jacket cut, or even as a coat/dress or jacket/skirt pairing because it is magical <3 And I concede, even the fun, colorful cardie has your name written all over it. Oh dear, you are in for it… 😉

  5. Scholastican

    Loooooooccyyyyyyyy!!! THUD. 😛

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