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Feel free to ask me anything here. Hopefully when I have a chance to redo this website, this space will become a more robust way for us to have dialogs about fashion and travel!

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  1. Sophia

    Hi Larkie! Have you ever had a Chanel jacket relined? I may want to get it retailored a bit. Do you have someone you like? I’m in Northern California and could call SF Chanel (but their service is meh…) thanks!

  2. JP

    Hello Larkie

    Actually I would like to ask what Your feelings are on Vintage 90s Gucci & Versace Sport/Swim and Summer Swim Sport Wear?. And how that translates today? As its something I am just getting interested in. Allso Summer Beach/Swim type Bags same 90s era,

    I wonder how u feel about those 90s Styles in particular Larkie?

    Thankkyou: Joe

  3. Joe

    Hello Larkie

    I have just looked at Your Site and it looks MUCH better. Cool.

    This is JOE..How r u Larkie?

    I a in LA right now but I leave for London this Week. I still work in Fashion – mainly Design Consultancy stuff – I am the “Shadow” behind the Curtains etc. Its going well and Growing.

    I am not sure if Your still in Texas or ..? Actually I think Your more suited to West Coast with Your Sensibility and Style of things.

    Please let me know how u are Larkie.

    I would LOVE to have Coffee with You when I get bacl to LA – in April.


  4. Post

    Hi Jennifer! let me be the first to welcome you to LA! the trick to packing for SoCal is layering. depending on where your day takes you, always bring lightweight items that you can remove or add. it may get fairly sunny and warm around lunch, but as soon as the sun goes down it can get downright chilly. remember that we were once a desert out here. (now you know why we live in hoodies and flipflops in LA). if you are out here for fun, i would definitely pack a sundress (plus a matching cardi) and capris/leggings that you can pair with tees/tanks (that you can throw the same cardi over for dinner). If i’m traveling for business i usually have a suit that comes with pants and a skirt (jcrew and theory are pretty good with this mix) to cover all my bases. then if i’m going out to a more casual dinner, i can still keep my suit jacket over some jeans. of course, bring an LBD. i do this for every trip. most importantly, bring comfy shoes. we don’t walk much in LA, but once you do get to your destination for the day, there’s always a lot of walking around to enjoy the sun. and of course, a nice pair of shoes in case you end up at a fancy restaurant or a club (or at a chanel boutique, lol). just remember, we’re pretty casual out here and pretty much anything goes, but as long as you have a cute pair of shoes and bag with you, that’s really all we notice!!

  5. Jennifer

    Hi Larkie,

    Been following for sometime all the way back to original ODJ n the purse forum and have picked up a few pieces from your collections as you cleaned out your closets. I need a bit of help or advise. Im heading out to LA next week towards the end of the week. It looks like it will be really warm. Summer even for this Chicagoan. I was wondering if you could provide some ideas for outfits for this type of weather and for LA in general. Shorts are out, I look like a walking piece of chalk right now and long flowing dresses make look larger than I am. Normal sizing for me in Chanel is 38/40. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. dee

    Hi dear, this is me (ilovemylife888) is this where i should msg you? sorry i am not tech friendly haha. if this is not the place please email me =)

  7. Post

    hi Irene, I usually lug around a low-profile, low-maintenance bag when I’m in a crowded city like Rome. While nothing bad has ever happened to me yet, I stick to the rule of using bags that I won’t cry over if I lose/wreck it while on the road. Have a great time in Rome!

  8. Irene Wong

    Hello Larkie,
    Will you suggest I carry my Chanel portobello to Rome or just bring a no brand bag to Rome cos I heard many pick pocket there. What bag you carry when you in Rome

  9. Larkie

    hi Irene, i think the mini evelyne was around €1100 and that was before the price hike so it is probably a bit more these days. there were a lot of these bags available throughout europe at that time. GL on your hunt!

  10. Irene

    Thanks Larkie for your reply. I wanted to purchase a mini Evelyne (the green one that you bought recently) when I travel to Rome around June but read from the thread that Hermes no longer produce the mini size ( am confuse now). May I know how much you got yours at Paris .
    Thanks again

  11. Post
  12. Irene Wong

    Hi Larkie,

    I saw you had a black hat with a camelia flower. May I know what size is your hat?


  13. tt

    Thanks so much, Larkie. I can’t manage the time to fly to Paris for the pickup and the VAT refund, so had to ask a local friend to pick it up for me. We now have to decide how she should ship it here for me, and hope that I won’t have to pay any customs fee. Can’t wait.

  14. Post

    hi tt! so glad you read both me and my uncle :-D. As for getting a bag from H in Paris, from what I’m told either you or your contact has to pick it up in person. Unless you have a strong relationship there, i don’t think it’s possible to have it sent to you. Also, picking it up from Paris allows you an opportunity to reclaim the VAT upon departing from Europe. And even if the boutique agreed to send the bag to you in the US, you would be charged a customs fee on the US side although France takes out the vat value if I’m not mistaken. GL and let me know how it turns out. I wish I had some connection to find a bag in Paris rather than just praying for a random one to show up out of sheer luck!! I’m here in europe now and it’s easy enough to get to paris but it sure is daunting to go there with very little hope of finding one as a walk-in, so try all you can to get your contact to pick up the bag for you!

  15. tt

    Larkie, what’s the best (cheapest) way to get a Birkin from a store in Paris to the US where I live? Through a friend’s connection, I was notified that they have what I “ordered” yesterday. Please advise. Thanks so much, in advance, for your help. BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog and have been a fan for a few years now. And guess what, I was introduced to your blog by your uncle.

  16. Sabrina

    AHHhh…I see! It is TLC brand from your lovely sis, so sweet! It is such a gorgeous colour. Enjoy wearing it and hv a great trip in Seattle 🙂

  17. Post
  18. Sabrina

    Hi Larkie,

    Really love the beanie that you wore in your recent pictures. May I know where did you get it from? Its so cute! TIA

  19. Larkie

    hi Carou, i usually submit my wish list a few weeks before sale breaks (after having tried things on and whittling the list to a final buy list) to my various sas and see who gets what. depending on how popular the item is it is pretty much luck of the draw because stores are buying less in inventory these days. my only advice is to build a relationship with an aggressive sa and cast your net wide. gl on your hunt!

  20. carou

    hi Larkie, can you share some tips on how you score items on your sale list? I am looking for a cardigan this SS sale.. my local stores do not have it marked down and I\’m trying to contact other international stores but feel like everyone is giving me the run-around.

  21. Post
  22. Irene wong

    Hi Larkie, can you share the code and retailed price for your Chanel denim wedges you post in purse forum

  23. Anonymous

    Its actually matte – colo is deceptive. It is listed as a brown by chanel but it has pink tones and is a bit taupe as well. Will try to send pic.

  24. Post

    ^ohhh i haven’t seen it, but it sounds lovely. is it metallic or matte? i think if it’s heavy on the taupe side it could be a good neutral bag. if you have a pic please send it to me as i’d love to see what it looks like!

  25. Anonymous

    Have you seen the new reissue in the pinky taupe color with dark hardware? Do u think its versatile enough to use all the time?

  26. Post

    ^i think you are correct that the medium cam bag does not have the key chain strap inside. i don’t have one here with me to check for you, but i’m pretty certain only the large came with it. have you posted the question at tpf? i’m sure someone there would know!

  27. Anonymous

    hi! was pondering a resale chanel reissue black medium size camera bag and wanted to make sure it did not come with the key chain strap inside, did it? i have the large in grey and that does have the key chain strap. Love some help – really enjoying your travels and the “chase” for the bags. hee hee

  28. Anonymous

    Do ou remmber if the canvas tote ( with rope chain, camellia clover ) you have in odj come in brown? I saw one online and wanted o purchase bu tryin to verify authenticity. Also does it have fish type netting on back side? Thanks – u look great in all the pics. Very inspiring.

  29. Post

    i have the j12 in black with diamond bezels and white with diamond markers. both are size 33. i usually take the white for the road bc it is less bling!!

  30. Post
  31. Anonymous

    are you wearing the j12 in the odj series – in black and white? also which one is it? any diamonds? just on numerals or all around bezel? it looks very pretty – i have been admiring the watch for awhile (several years) and thinking its time to plunge in and buy but cant decide which one and how much bling… some advice!

  32. Post
  33. Anonymous

    Do u remember the mademoiselle double flap bag?Had two closures – just saw jumbo in resale shop and wondering what you thought of it? It’s lambskin but wondering about fact that it has no quilting and its all smooth… your opinion.

  34. Post
  35. Post

    ^hi, the matte gold (looks sorta bronze) 2.55 is a medium/226 size.

    i’m not crazy about the mademoiselle collection in general b/c of the shape.

  36. Anonymous

    Wondering is your bronze 2.55 a medium size? Also what do you think of he mademoiselle bag? I’m liking the Byzantine chain but from last season but not classic chain this season. Thoughts?

  37. Post

    Jill! i’m so thrilled she did a good job for you. i’ll be seeing her soon with the skirts i recently bought. she’s definitely my secret weapon!!

  38. Jill

    Hi Larkie! I just had to thank you for your suggestion of Virgine to tailor my vintage Chanel. It now fits perfectly! I told her that you recommended her. She was very flattered. She loves you!

  39. Post

    hi Jill! i would highly recommend calling the alterations dept at Nordstrom Topanga (woodland hills, ca) and booking an appointment with Virgine. She’s altered so many of my Chanel pieces wonderfully. On more complicated items it may take a couple of fittings, but she has never ever disappointed me. Good luck!

  40. Jill

    Hi Larkie,

    I saw you on Purse Forum and your blog. Great photos of Paris! I used to live in France, and I also used to be an attorney (criminal prosecutor). I’m new to tpf, but Another girl on tpf said you had an amazing seamstress in the LA area that saved her Chanel jacket. I am buying a vintage Chanel that is 2-3 sizes too big for me, and I need someone great for tailoring. Can you pass along your tailor’s info? Thanks!

  41. Post

    Hi Kat! I would say that I’m a true 34 in Chanel RTW, but sometimes can alter a 36 when desperate! With some sweaters I can wear a 36 without alterations. I’m 5’3 on my driver’s license (we round up, haha) and my weight is around 41kg except during holiday season when I seem to gobble whatever sweets I’m supposed to leave for Santa!!

  42. Kat

    Hi Larkie,

    I love all your Chanel RTW!!! I was wondering what size you usually wear for the tweed jackets and cardigans? I think we might be around the same size (but you are probably thinner). I am 5’2 and between 44.5 – 46kgs.


  43. Post

    Hi Shannon, thanks for your note!! For skincare, I have been using La Mer products for over a decade now. But if I were to give any advice, it would be to always go to bed with a clean, moisturized face and always go out with sunblock, rain or shine. For hair, I like to use Aveda shampoos and conditioners for colored hair. Makeup, I use MAC, Lancome, and L’Oreal. HTH!!

    PS: i’m glad you left a message here. I totally forgot that I had this page earmarked on my blog. I wanted to set up a Q&A column here. Will try to work on getting this segment out this summer 😀

  44. Shannon

    Hi Larkie,

    I’ve been following your outfits for a few years and I must tell you that you have fabulous style. I was wondering if you would share some of your secrets with me…especially your skincare products, hair products, and make up products. We have very similar skintones and hair color and type. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

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