Oh Dear

When I booted up my MacBook Air this morning, the first news that greeted me was the announcement of Steve Jobs’s death at the Apple website. The fact that it felt like such a personal loss, though I’d never met the man, is a testament to what a reach his company has on everyday people like me.

In fact, it was on my iPhone yesterday that I received an email from a store with a temptation of a very dangerous kind…

Oh dear, the perfect Chanel bag to match the boots I swooned over a few entries ago

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. So you see, even when I’m nowhere near a store, stuff finds its way to me. That’s the world of technology we live in, and Steve Jobs played a huge part in it.

But what to do about this bag…hmmmm….


  1. Sandy

    It’s a lovely unique brown that would look so great with jeans. I’m not sure how you manage to weed out your collection with every new purchase you make. I’m going to be really bad and say you should up your number and keep your existing purses just because with all these price increases, you’ll be saving yourself money in the long run. 😛

  2. Sabrina

    All I can say is OMG! You MUST get that bag! It seriously is a perfect match. It doesn’t get any better than that! I think Chanel does that on purpose, lol. Make a perfect boot, then make a bag to match. I think you would kick yourself if you don’t get it now. You’ll decide to get it after it is sold out then have to do the worldwide search again. Get it now while it is in your grasp 🙂

  3. belle


    I just LOVE your blog and drool over your Chanel constantly. If you ever considered selling your Ostrich, please contact me and I would be more than HAPPY to buy it from you!


  4. larkie

    Schol! i’ve emailed you. you’re my shopping rockstar!!

  5. scholastican

    Be careful what you wish for! But you already knew that, right MissL?

    I vote for YAY on the matching reissue to your Puss-in-boots. You’ll figure out what to let go of in lieu of this one.

    Speaking of matchy-matchy and being careful what you wish for, I bring you good tidings! No sighting of your zebra Missoni trolley, but…

    I found the other Missoni trolley! The one that matches your perfect travel tote! Remember how I said it was pure dumb luck finding the zebra one? Well, double the pleasure, double the fun because I found one for us each at 2 separate Target stores. The heavens surely conspired on this one, and good thing it did after 3 hours and 6 Targets on a rare SoCal storm watch day like yesterday.

    Shoot me an email to let me know if I should hang onto it for ya: rizal1971@hotmail.com It is sitting all pretty and smug here at home, awaitng its fate 😉

  6. Jelita78

    What enabling r u talking about?
    Look at it as “logical thinking”.
    Sounds more ethical.

  7. larkie

    Jel: LOL, did the chase around the globe give you indigestion as it did me? all this enabling from you is making me very tempted 😀 !!

  8. Jelita78

    Larkie hunneeyy
    We all know that we do not want the “all-over-the-universe-search-for-buffalo-chain-around-messanger” nightmare to repeat itself, do we?
    So stop thinking and just get the brown flap, and the red timeless clutch.. While it’s available for you now!
    And we’ll deal with the what to let go later afterwards like next year maybe.. No hurry..

  9. larkie

    hi gals, yes, i’m kinda thinking this bag should come home with me lol! but i have to stick to the one-in-one-out rule, so i’ll see what i can let go to justify this one, esp at the insane new price. THEN the prob is i got news about the red timeless clutch, which has been on my wish list for about 2 years now…so what to do, what to do…

  10. April

    Yeah, I felt like a punch in the stomach upon hearing of his death. He hung in there to the end. He was younger than I am, poor guy.
    YES, on the bag. In fact, WHERE did you find the boots? Enquiring minds HAVE to know. Let’s get a response this time, OK?
    email me personally: april@benddvine.com

  11. kl

    Hello!!!! This one is a must dear.
    x KL

  12. Jelita78

    What to do about this bag??
    Must u ask?
    *wink plus eyes rolling*

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