The Other Side

So I’ve made it to the other side, not too much for the worse, except that my sleeping pattern is all messed up. Wide awake until around 5am local time. Even if I pop some sleeping pills and turn in by 11pm, I’m wide awake by 5am. I know I have to rewire myself if I’m to be at all productive on this trip.

Anyway, I’ve not too many photos to share yet since work has been busy, but I thought I’d pop in and report that I have indeed found the perfect travel bag! It’s my $34.99 Missoni for Target canvas tote that a girlfriend luckily found for me right before I left. All of my nice things–stuff that I can’t afford to lose by checking in such as my Chanel cardigan–

and laptop went into my rolling carry-on case, and this tote held my tablet, phone, travel pillow, snacks, and my Balenciaga bag. It fit comfortably at my feet on the plane. It’s a durable yet lightweight canvas with just the right amount of zany colors. No fuss, no muss. I’m so glad the same friend also found me a spare, and I’m still conspiring to find the tote in the other color scheme. Hey, when you find something great at such a good price, it’s almost a sin to not stock up, right?

So I’ll sign off for now, but here are a few pics from the other side…

I guess that last pic was a dead giveaway? Now if I can only find more time to do more than take a photo of this…


  1. Black is the New Black

    great photos Larkie, I love following you on your adventures!

  2. Sabrina

    Lovely pics. I am also curious to see if you went into the “H” store??? Glad you finally found a travel bag. I know how hard you were searching for one. Have fun and be safe. Will be following your adventures. xoxo-S

  3. viki anderson

    i may be “very Scottish” but i do love London, it is a fabulous city, the kind that gives you goosebumps as soon as you spot that skyline driving from the airport <3 i hear the autumn weather is lovely 😀 have fun! xx

  4. SL

    Tell me u walked inside H?!

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