Falling For The Cowboy

Every September when school supplies go on sale and the media begin covering the changing of the seasons in other parts of the country, I sit in my shorts and flip flops and dream about the one perfect pair of Fall boots. Next to the slingback, boots have my heart in the world of footwear. If I were a shoe designer, I’d specialize in boots. Now, granted the leaves won’t really change colors so dramatically and we’ll probably still wear our flip flops with our “winter” clothes well into December here in LA, this first month of the last quarter of the year just gets me in the mood for some boots hunting.

And this year, I actually happened along this Chanel pair while waiting for a friend of mine to meet me for lunch.

My first thought was, hmmm, gaucho boots. Perfect for walking around the Argentinian pampas! Cute concept but perhaps a bit mad once on the legs?

When my lunch date, S, arrived, we discussed the boots. They’re a big investment, so we discussed some more. We even went to try them on in black at another boutique. Funny, but in black lambskin they look totally different, more equestrian and less cowboy. S knew I was falling for the cowboy so we visualized some outfits with a few of my bags…and now that the boots are here, these photos are for her:

Actually, I think these boots would look really nice over a faded pair of skinny blue jeans, extra starched white shirt, man’s gold watch, and a Balenciaga Day bag. These boots scream for a slouchy bag–if only I had one in the same color as the boots… 😀


  1. larkie

    hi everyone! can’t wait till the weather changes so i can break out those boots.

    hey Schol, it’s either Puss in Boots or Captain Jack Sparrow. LOL.

  2. scholastican

    MissL, amazing CC boots! You now remind me of Puss In Boots. Have you looked at Chloe’s Marcie bags? I feel they should have the all leather slouchy bag you need for these boots.

  3. Black is the New Black

    ohhh Larkie those boots are too gorgeous – love love love! xo

  4. larkie

    ^ooh! was it just a classic jumbo flap in that same distressed leather? rats, i thought i was done with cc flaps for awhile lol!

  5. Austinmamadrama

    I saw that Chanel makes a jumbo flap bag to match those boots. It was a the NM trunk show last week. It’s gorgeous!

  6. larkie

    ^oh I like those Abril boots a lot! i just wish there were more of a platform in the front b/c this girl can’t walk in those 3.5″ heels without frontal support!!

  7. April

    Oh forgot to add that Vince Camuto has these boots out now *brand new*, no quilting and no ccs, obviously, but otherwise same style: price $210. Come in whiskey, black and granite. I’m on it. Already ordered in black, am trying for whiskey. They are called the Abril boot. Nordstroms will carry, still too new, but check with your SAs people.

  8. Sabrina

    BTW, I’m glad the freeway was all backed up and you found the boots while waiting for me 🙂 It will get cold enough to wear them in LA. By Cmas, it is cold enough for boots. These are going to make everyone jealous.

  9. Sabrina

    These boot MUST MUST MUST be worn in Texas. They look perfect on you!!!!! I am so glad you got the brown. It goes perfectly with all of those bags. The look is perfect. I am so glad you got them. It is worth the price. They are very unique and will get a lot of attention.

  10. larkie

    thanks everyone! you know what they say, you can take a girl out of texas but not texas out of a girl…

    April: could you pls dump some snow on us? i do have snow boots that need to be broken in :D!

  11. JJ

    They are amazing Larkie! Congrats!

  12. Jelita78

    Tskk tskk tskkk
    If i had known any better, i’d say u trying too hard to justify this boot purchase..
    Suck it up woman!
    U scored big time and it’s uberrrr gorgeous!!
    So wear it proud and Giddyup!!

  13. April

    Oh yeah, Missy, I’m a boot person, too! Not Chanel, too expensive for my current financial status, but did pick up a pair of Miz Mooz Women’s Siri Knee-High Boot in Whiskey ( see them on the home page of endless.com). Just got them yesterday. Here I can wear them way before Dec. as it gets cold and snowy in Central Oregon. Being a So. Calif. native it took some getting used to when we arrived last Dec. 21st, but after here for a few months I had boots galore. Never wore ’em in SC, too hot. Glad you found your inner cowgirl; they look great on you, sweetie!


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