Two Weeks In

What have I learned so far here, two weeks in, on this trip?

1. There actually are four seasons outside of Los Angeles. No matter what the Angelenos tell you, you can’t really melt under rain. And chilly weather is the best climate for Chanel RTW. I may have to turn up the air con to wear the tweed jackets in California, but here, it’s perfect for layering! This is what I wore to dinner the other night: Josie Natori black knit dress, JCrew scarf, Fendi heels, and Chanel leather/tweed jacket:

OK, a bit dressed up to see some old friends (they wore jeans!), but I wanted to represent! Of course after a huge dinner I wished I had on some stretch jeans myself…

2. I should have studied Mandarin instead of Spanish in college. Sure, I can order beer in South America like there’s no tomorrow, but for once I’m really out of my element trying to break into China from Europe. Something’s always lost in the translation. And just because my last name could be mistaken for Chinese, they seem to expect me to speak the language. I can barely order food in Chinese, people…even with a photo menu!

3. And finally, time really does not stop while I’m on the road. Life back home goes on sans moi. A dear friend had posted here that she’d found the Missoni for Target carry on suitcase for me and took the time drop it off yesterday. So because of her act of kindness, I can now stop trolling ebay for it at 3am and look forward to coming home to a new zigzag suitcase! Gals, say Amen if you agree that it really does take a village to make our shopping wishes come true sometimes.

Speaking of shopping…the sun is supposed to come out this Friday and I’ve a date at one of the Chanel boutiques. Let’s see what report I bring back for you in the next entry!


  1. Anonymous

    Yay! I can’t wait to see what new Chanel rtw you’ll share with us at your next appt with the boutique!

  2. scholastican

    Amen! I think even Mr. Larkie may agree on that one 🙂

  3. April

    Amen, Sistah!

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