Couture Counsel: The Challenging Jacket

I didn’t mean to take this long to revive the trophy wife but it’s just been insane here so blogging sort of took a back seat. But anyway, after I posted the S.O.S. on the jacket, I was very inspired (and intimidated) by all of your suggestions. One particular suggestion from a reader that stuck out for me, though, was this look she sent from the Chanel Haute Couture 2011 runway (photo courtesy of

A fancy jacket over narrow sequined pants. Instead of watering a special jacket down to casualize it, why not bling it up some more–I never would have even thought of that! But my problem is that I have not been able to find any sequined pants that fit. They have to be narrow enough so I don’t look like a bedazzled tent, and yet they can’t be so tight that I look like a shiny sausage either. I’ve run across lots of sequined mini skirts and super short shorts in the stores the last few weeks, but let’s get real here. This is a no-hot-pants-zone in my house!

But I’m not giving up till I find the perfect pair of sequined pants. They might look cool with my Gucci tuxedo jacket anyway for some cocktail events. But I digress…mainly because I’m stalling for time…to tell you I was so lame that I only managed one look for this episode of Couture Counsel: the challenging jacket (aka my fashion epic fail) …

But in my defense, to compensate for going very safe with dark denims, I’m “blinging” my look with a very special gator bag and those killer shoes I’d floated around in an earlier entry:

Oh come on, it’s really all just about the bag, isn’t it! I bet some of you didn’t even take a second look at the outfit. What jacket? Was she wearing something? Shall we take another look at the Chanel Kelly bag :D?

Anyway, if I had a bit more spunk I would have dared an evening look that paired the jacket with a tiny sequined skirt, but I think we’ll just leave that to the imagination. Meanwhile I’ll have to find the perfect pair of cigarette pants to show off these skyscrapers…


  1. Black is the New Black

    you are stunning larkie! love this look, thanks for posting!

  2. Featherhand

    The outfit is amazing and the bag is beyond words. Good luck in your sequin pant search!

  3. Sandy

    That bag is divine! Personally, I love simple outfits. I’m a sucker for solid colors and am all about subtle details. I think this jacket is frustrating because it’s so beautiful inside so you feel like you want to share that but it’s nearly impossible when you actually wear it. Perhaps a colorful necklace would also spice up your outfit besides that gorgy bag.

  4. larkie

    Yes it’s vintage–i believe the newer Kellys have the protruding tab instead of a flat-across flap! i wish they made bags like this anymore! i’m taking her in for spa treatment this weekend and when she’s back i’ll post lots of pics!!

    and HA! i could be wearing an orange prison jumpsuit with that bag and no one would even see me!

  5. d

    Seriously, you’re wearing something?! Can’t take my eyes off of the Kelly! I want more pic of the Kelly! Swoon!

  6. sophia

    Love the look! =)

  7. Eileen

    Is it vintage? I see the indentation on the CC logo! This is really breathtakingly divine!

  8. larkie

    J, my cat’s probably thinking about how many ways he can try to break into my closet :D. No cats allowed!

  9. larkie

    E, i know, that gator kelly is my secret weapon when i feel icky! took me forever to find her!!

  10. Jelita78

    Bedazzled tent !

    P/s: i wonder whats your cat thinking there..

  11. Eileen

    Larkie!!! Where did you find that gator kelly???
    It is out of this world:-0

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