Couture Counsel: Interpreting The Runway

So a couple of blog entries ago I hinted at a jacket that’s a favorite of mine yet rests in my closet like a semi-forgotten trophy wife. She’s not lost her glitter, still a sight to behold, but she doesn’t get out much. And by that I mean at all.

Every time I pass by this black jacket in my closet from the stellar Chanel 08A collection, I think of the two rather unassuming looks from the runway (the next two photos are courtesy of my favorite fashion site,…

that in reality turned out to be pretty incredible works of design and tailoring…

But you say, it’s just a black peplum jacket, so what’s the problem? Well, it’s not so much a problem as it is a…tricky situation. Because it sort of looks like Jackson Pollock exploded under the jacket and all over the very flouncy peplum:

I love this jacket. As you can see from the belt on the back of the jacket, when buttoned, it gives an illusion of shape on my otherwise boyish figure. I’ve worn it around in my closet over pj bottoms a few times just to enjoy it, but for the life of me I’m not sure how to serve it justice out in public. I also want to play up its fun factor. Interpreting the runway is not always easy (esp since I wasn’t able to score the matching skirt, though the skirt + jacket look from the runway is not super fun) when an article has a particularly unusual detail.

So what say you fashionistas out there? How do I wear this? I’m giving you free reign this time; no requirement of bottoms, bags or shoes. I need your styling advice…the only caveat is that the outfit not look like Pollock exploded on the outside as well :D.

Waiting for your counsel in the closet with my trophy wife…


  1. larkie

    i will test out all of your looks to the extent i have some of the items you suggested and let you know how it goes. REALLY wish i were 5 inches taller!

  2. larkie

    april: i know all about that red paris moscou jacket! wore it a couple of times and it’s what i call a “high profile” item, so it had to be retired. people will always remember that you wore it lol. but yes, it’s a stunner! i find the matching skirt much more wearable!!

  3. larkie

    isjn: i DIE for that haute couture look you sent. holy mackerel where does one find sequined pants?!?

  4. isjn

    Or you can wear a mini tunic under, with black tight, and black leather OTK boot

  5. Lani

    I’d pair it with cropped skinny jeans/pants, and sky-scraper strappy sandals. Love that jacket!

  6. Tiffany

    Touche on the red timeless clutch!! I agree that a clutch may lend to better proportions…ohh, I’m an enabler! =)

  7. larkie

    All good ideas, ladies! I will post a picture of the jacket on me in the next entry as a visual aid for more ideas! what i realllly wish i had now is a red timeless clutch for this jacket–because it’s so flouncy at the bottom i want to wear a tiny purse with it so i don’t look overwhelmed by both jacket and bag.

  8. Donna

    Love, love, LOVE the jacket! I would keep the bottom pieces fitted since the jacket flares out at the hem. I can easily see it dressed up for work or some event function with a fancy blouse and a fitted pencil skirt. For a more casual look maybe a t-shirt or tank and a pair of skinny jeans with the camellia flip flops. Since the jacket is black, I think any bag would work with it. I agree that a red flap would look great with it for a pop of color. Can you post a modeling pic of how that jacket looks on you to get a better idea of where the hem falls on you and how it flares out?

  9. Dawn72

    With black slim cropped pants and flats, or if heels then simple black heels or with very subtle details and a simple black handbag.

    Ooh pls post modelling pics, wanna know if I got it right.. 🙂

  10. d

    Larkie! We must be twins! Mine’s a beautiful trophy wife in the closet as well. It’s so hard for me to snip the tags off! I would wear with a simple tee and boot cut jeans. Love this lady-like jacket… if only we have more harsh weather here!!!

  11. Tiffany

    Love the jacket, but can see how it’s left you pondering…I quite love both of the ways they styled it down the runway. My initial reaction was to pair it with:
    – ivory cigarette pants
    – red flap
    – red heels
    for a more polished look…or
    – skinny dark wash jeans
    – black (or really any other color) flap
    – ivory heels
    for a more casual look. It’s tough to imagine without seeing the entire look…but hopefully that helps! Enjoy your gorgeous jacket! =)

  12. April

    Sorry, I have no answers. Sometimes we’re attracted to certain items, but in reality, they don’t suit us when it comes to wearing them. I would have to say that this might be one of those times. I’m sure others will have actual advice, this is just my first thought. I also have a red Chanel jacket from the Moscow collection. I bought it on eBay from someone who bought it on sale. I’ve yet to wear it out, either. I like it and it looks good on me, but my problem is WHERE on earth would I wear this very striking jacket? I now live in Central Oregon having moved from So. Cal, need I say more? Anyway, that’s my dilemma and this is yours. I’ve seen you in your travel photos, and in my very limited opinion, peplums are hard to pull off unless you’re very tall and can carry the look. I kind of have a rule of thumb: If you haven’t worn it in a year, you aren’t going to, kwim? I know it sucks, but it’s pretty much true. And yeah, I have those too.


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