Vintage Caviar

So on my last big trip overseas I tested out the mini flaps. They were great for the hands-free moments, but most of the time I was frustrated that I couldn’t even squeeze an extra pack of Kleenex in there. I know I’m not a tote gal because 90% of the tote would be filled with air in my case, but I’m also not good with the doll-sized bags either, no matter how adorable they look.

Many internal debates later (it’s better than counting sheep when insomnia strikes!), I arrived at the conclusion that a good travel bag should be something that’s hardy; resistant to accidents and other accident-prone travelers or inclement weather; and medium sized. More research ensued and this will be my new traveling companion on my upcoming trip:

It’s a Chanel vintage caviar (which means it’s rigid enough to survive the nuclear holocaust) camera bag in a fun, neutral cappuccino color that should match most outfits. It was tough to find a vintage bag in this pristine a condition, but it all worked out in the end. I’d always been a bit squeamish around vintage but in comparing the older leather to my new Chanel bags that cost about 1000000% more, vintage skin wins. Easily.

So to all you ladies who have been preaching to me about the value of buying vintage Chanel, I say Amen to that!. I’ve been converted :D.

What’s vintage to someone is now new to me. Can’t wait to take her on the road!


  1. Anonymous

    oh I love your vintage chanel!! she is adorable!! Congrats!!!!

  2. baghooligan

    Hi Larkie! I am always inspired by your low key mixed with high fashion style and have been a follower for a long time. I wanted to make a suggestion though on your traveling bag. I travel quite a lot because of my occupation as well and I have to say Louis Vuitton’s Sofia Coppola bag is one of the best investments I have ever made. Below is a picture of Sofia Coppola carrying her namesake bag in CROCODILE! I know how much you love those reptiles. Just a suggestion, because the size and the functionality of this bag is perfect for me.

    Love your blog!

  3. jelita78

    u have indeed put a spark of hope in me!
    u must let me know if u managed to cross path again with one in red !!!
    i’ll keep watch on ebay and bonanzle!

  4. larkie

    hi everyone! the hologram is 3062105 so my guess is mid 90s?? i don’t have a style number for it. It comes in this size (10x8x 2.5″)and a smaller size as well. the strap on my larger size is meant for crossbody, not sure if the smaller one has as long a strap. i had seen it in red before but missed out on it, though i’m not sure i could wear a bright red with bright gold hw anyway…happy hunting everyone!

  5. L

    I agree with April! The sturdiness of this bag really appeals to my practical side. Can you give us the details to help locate?

  6. April

    Ditto what Jelita78 says…….love her. Don’t care about red. What is this style/model/year of production? Or just tell me the hologram # and I’ll figure it out. Thanks

  7. Jelita78

    Ohhhh she looks devine!!!
    Now u make me wanna get one too..
    Wonder if it came in red? Hmmm

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