Coco Monkey

My sister introduced me to the website and I can’t believe that I didn’t think of creating such an enterprise myself! It is a veritable playground for all artists, closet artists, and artist wannabes (that would be my category) alike.

Anyway, last year my sister happened along a very crafty store, twinklekids2, on etsy and requested a Spiderman monkey for me.  This year I custom ordered a supersized monkey à la Coco Chanel. So here she is, all the way from Australia…

with Spidey…

I think I’ll have to add pearls to her outfit, but I thought you’d enjoy Coco Monkey!


  1. larkie

    R, etsy is the best! so glad to see you blogging again–love all the pics at your blog!!

  2. larkie

    stephanie, i know! i’ll have to weave a gold chain into the monkey’s purse and add some pearls around her neck!!

  3. Black is the New Black

    love etsy! I got my wedding veil and other wedding related items on it and was so happy with the quality and cost!

    your monkey is adorable ; )

  4. stephanie

    Oh, I love Etsy! I bought some handmade paper flowers from the Gilded Bee store on Etsy to use on our place cards for our wedding reception. They turned out so pretty! Everyone loved them.

    Where are the Cs on your monkey’s purse? 🙂

  5. larkie


  6. Jelita78

    This addiction for chanel has really gotten into your head badly, huh?
    Come, take my hand.
    I’ll walk u to the rehab centre.
    And let me hold that monkey for you.

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