Project FSK Update

I’ve been kicked around the last few days by what I first thought was a really bad case of allergies that turned out to be a nasty cold (let’s hope it doesn’t morph into the flu tomorrow). But whatever it is, it’s pretty miserable. So around 2am this morning, when the meds were NOT working, I was thinking about the different looks for today’s FIMTSO test item. And for once, counting clothes instead of sheep did not work.

No surprise then that I’m sleep deprived and cranky today. So I’ll just give a quick Project FSK update today, and, fingers crossed, tomorrow I will hopefully be lucid enough to talk fashion!

The stray still comes for an early breakfast and (usually) a late dinner. Once in a while he has to fend off this racoon that didn’t get the memo about  Project FSK not applying to any furry animal except kittens:

I know it’s always the same racoon because s/he has no tail, and all the other racoons that have ventured to my backyard come with bushy ones. Nature freaks me out!

If I stop leaving food out, I can stop nature from visiting my patio. But when I see Coco (yes, I’ve named him finally!) sunning lazily on a Sunday afternoon I don’ t have the heart to stop:


  1. jelita78

    so finallllyyyyyyy named COCO ??!!
    i was about to suggest spotty!
    but coco sounds sweet..

    and how about if we call the racoon as RJ > referring to the character on cartoon “over the hedge” .. hehehe

  2. mtview

    Coco is super cute. Since you travel so much, who takes care of your cats? I constantly worry about my cats when I am away.


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