Give Me Liberty Or Give Me…Popcorn?

The worst thing you can do to someone (moi) who has shopping A.D.D. is to put a lot of bright patterns in front of them, scatter items of such patterns throughout the store, and then send them on a wild goose chase. And so began my scavenger hunt of Liberty of London items at a few Target stores near me these past few days. After I blogged about this collection last Saturday I didn’t know how well this collection would go over and thought I had a good backup plan with their online store. Unfortunately, a lot of the items sold out online by Sunday afternoon (it was released Saturday midnight), so instead of shopping with a few finger clicks, off I went on foot.

By the time I finished the second Target I had already lost my mind. You have to know that these stores are quite big and congested on weekends. And instead of putting all Liberty items in one central location, they display them in various departments throughout the store. This is where cloning would have come in handy to save me a lot of time; instead, I had to dart all around the store to see if anything was left. And as I am easily distracted (grrrr), it was quite a crazy zigzag through Target that I was able to find a few of my favorite things.

After a while it was clear that there were about 4 or 5 patterns that were repeated for clothes, household items, gardening tools, stationery, and other accessories. Part of my problem was also that I couldn’t decide which pattern to stick to. You see? This is exactly why I heard Imelda Marcos whispering in my ear again (When in doubt, buy it all. Mouhahahaha):

Except I bet Imelda had help and never had to lug all this stuff to her car.

Anyway, I don’t want to further incriminate myself so I’ll stop the photos here. Suffice it to say I have more gardening tools than I know what to do with, especially since I don’t do much gardening. And in my defense I was shopping for others as well. Exhibit A is this adorable dress for my niece (and no, I did not get a matching one for myself) whose mom does not have a Target near her:

All I can say is by the time I reached the third–or fourth, I’ve lost count–Target, I had just a few must-have items left to find and willed myself to find them; no other distractions allowed. But if you’ve been to a Target recently, you know that they dull your senses (and logic) because they put the snack bar right by the entrance. All that awful junk food smell would wear anyone down, including Mr. Spock. And it happened to me. I heard my determination falter as I got a whiff of the food. Give me Liberty or give me…popcorn?

Zac Posen for Target arrives late April. Does anyone know where I can get a clone by then?


  1. jelita78

    i have no idea!
    i’m just assuming they would have the black and white flip flop since u got the pink floral ones.. hehehe

  2. larkie

    what! there were b/w flip flops? wahhh! all i found were those pink ones. rats!!

  3. jelita78

    oh my my my… tsk tsk tsk..
    (and shaking my head left to right)
    this is absurd!
    i can’t believe u didn’t get the matching black white floral flip flops!! we can’t do gardening without that! ohhhh u are sooo grounded, mister!

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