Project FSK


Well, day 4 of Project FSK (Feed Stray Kitten) finally gets me a photo op with my furguy. It’s all on the down-low because I can’t just pluck him from someone’s family… but I think it’s official that he thinks breakfast begins at my house.


I didn’t see him at all since Friday when I first blogged about him, but sure enough, the food is always consumed. Completely, down to the last morsel.


Then this morning, as soon as the patio door slid open, he came bouncing down the hill toward me, utterly fearless. He rolled around on the ground, meowed, jumped up on my leg, then proceeded to attack the food bowl.  Gave me quite a show! All the while, my own two furkids were watching the entire scene from the other side of the patio door, rolling their eyes.


Yes, it’s all hush hush for now and very unofficial, but I think I have a new boyfriend.


  1. lorrrrrrrraine

    adopt him~ it’s fate that brought u together and he obviously loves you very much… 🙂

    haha btw i’m another random gal from tPF…. and a loyal fan of your blog and du jour thread… 🙂

  2. lisa

    his pink nose is so cute i cant stand it! you are so sweet to feed him- he obviously loves you already.


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