FIMTSO: The Denim Jacket

It didn’t hurt to wake up today so it must mean that I finally got some rest last night. So without further distraction let’s get to today’s FIMTSO business at hand: the all-American jean jacket. I’m sure if you look hard enough, you will find one hanging in your closet somewhere. Although I usually prefer to reach for the leather version, I’ve always had some kind of lightweight jacket handy in case the night gets particularly chilly after the sun goes down in LA.

Recession be damned, consumers are still having a love affair with denim as it truly is a guilt-free pleasure. There has never been so much choice for you and me. Thirty dollars will get you a trendy cropped jean jacket from Forever 21. Move the decimal point a couple of places to the right and you can get a Helmut Lang one lined in mink.

In today’s outfits, I’m mixing items of all price points as usual. I’m also including the workhorse of all my bags, a black classic flap, in all of the looks to show why it’s my new go-to bag.

Test Item: GAP 1969 dark rinse fitted denim jacket.

Business: It still feels like a misnomer when i see “business” in front of denim. But in many work places you can blend denim into your business wardrobe. Here, I’m actually doing denim on denim by pairing the jacket with a Chanel sleeveless denim shirt in a lighter wash. I love the fringed hems peeking out from under my GAP jacket. But since blue-on-blue gives me, well, the blues, I thought a pop of red in the McQueen chiffon scarf might be fun. White tailored slim pants and blue python heels finish my outfit.

Casual/Play: I seem to recall seeing a picture of Sharon Stone wearing a jean jacket over a floor-length black skirt for a formal event once. I don’t think I could pull that off, but I will suggest that by changing a pair of shoes you could easily go from day to dinner.

First, a very simple look: linen sundress in any pop of color and matching flip flops (yes, those Liberty ones!). Grab your bag and sunnies and head for a day at the beach, zoo, or antique stores:

If I have a long day that also involves dining out (without time to go home and change clothes), I’d just swap the above dress for a black one and bring two pairs of shoes. The black Fendi flip flops are comfy for the day, and the red patent Dior heels will be a bit dressier for dinner out:

Let’s take another look at those shoes, shall we? If I can’t do a dress for whatever reason, I could easily switch it up by wearing a plain Chanel white tank with a pair of black skinny jeans under that jacket. The same two pairs of shoes I use for the look above can also apply to this breakfast-to-dinner outfit:

Hope you are all still enjoying these FIMTSO entries. Drop me a note if there’s a test item you’d like to see featured :-D.


  1. larkie

    maria: thanks for your compliment 😀

    you know, if any of you submit your pictures of your own fitmso i’d be more than happy to post them here!!!

  2. larkie

    jelita78: deal! i will do sundress for next fimtso!

  3. larkie

    Susan: sure! i will post modeling pics in the next fimtso segments!

  4. Maria

    Love your fimso…..I have been a long time follower ….and check your blog on a daily basis as well as in the purse forum………you always rock all the outfit….you are my inspiration…………

  5. Jelita78

    Hmmmm..why is it that i feel like you’re actually fimtso-ing the chanel flap? Hehehe

    fabulous dear!! Love them all!!

    Oh,next fimtso – can u do on sundress? Or floral shirt/ blouse perhaps? I’m always scared to wear floral prints..afraid that i might look like a mural or something..hehe

  6. Susan

    Larkie, I am a faithful follower of your blog. You have great fashion sense and clothes just look amazing on you, even T-shirts and Converse! H’ever, nothing beats my day seeing photos of you in your ODJ! Somehow, the clothes aren’t interesting, lying there passively all on their own! 🙂
    Please, model the clothes. For me, please?

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