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  1. larkie

    hi heather, sorry for the late reply but i am on the road in asia right now. i have seen bamboo in person and it really is too bright IMO. my fav shade of green is olive so i def find bamboo too “primary” a color to work with my wardrobe. i think as a smaller accessory it would be ok for a pop of color, but i’d rather have a birkin in a more neutral/subtle color. i think, however, it is worth a looksie b/c each person reacts to a color differently. you might fall in love on the spot when you see it! anyway, by now you might have made your decision already, so let me know how you did!

  2. Heather

    Hi Larkie, Just stumbled upon your blog. I have an important question (to me) that I would just love for you to answer. I have very similar taste to you in handbags. Several classic flap Chanel, Hermes Evelyn in Etain….My question is, I was offered a Birkin in Bamboo today. I have been waiting for an olive green or some neutral color. This will be my first Birkin a major purchase for me. What do you think of “bamboo”? It looks like a very pretty “grass green” I just wonder if it will be too loud for me? I am going to see it tomorrow. It is on hold for me. Please help!!!!
    I am usually very decisive but this is a big decision and most of my friends would just roll their eyes at me for even asking!

  3. larkie

    hi Anma! glad you found me here ๐Ÿ™‚ My SA in brussels has left chanel. i am secretly hoping that she will turn up at hermes!! but the next time i’m there i will get a new SA and can give you his/her information then?

  4. Anma

    Hi! I think I sent you a message in TPF already after I saw your chanel bag collection which I also saw in this blog. You are probably one and the same person. Haha! What a coincidence.

    I wanted to ask for the contact number or email of your Chanel SA in brussels. TIA!

  5. Mike Boyd

    I’m the art buyer for The Buntin Group in Nashville Tn. Are your images available for commercial use?

  6. MaryTenderLOS

    This doll is a classic toy that has brought joy to many girls for decades. The Zhu Zhu Funhouse also has a nearly permanent spot in the top 10 toys overall. Christmas season is fast approaching.

  7. larkie

    MooMoo and SL: you see how it takes a village to help me build my chanel addiction?!!

    and yes, MooMoo, if i can’t have your job, i would be glad to follow you around and get you coffee. lol

  8. MooMoo

    Hi Larkie,

    Finally “met” you… thanks to your virtual BFF ๐Ÿ™‚
    Delirious to see the Malaysia Exclusive on your blog! LOL

    Have a great day,
    from the one who has your dream job ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    Hello! I love your blog, everything about it. i was wondering if you can post pictures of your closet. I want to know how you store or display your collections of bags, shoes and all of your chanel items. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thank you

  10. larkie

    Hi Aileen! i don’t store the bags in their boxes. I had them in glass display cases but have recently moved them to open shelves. i’d read about mold in humid areas so i think it’s better to keep bags in well ventilated, open spaces. Hope that helps!

  11. Aileen

    Hi Larkie!

    I wanted to ask you what is the best way to store your handbags? I have heard it’s not good to store them onthe boxes. Thanks!

  12. Maya

    Hello – I’ve really anjoyed perusing your blog – you have an amazing sense of style and adventure!

    And I’m glad to see that there’s life after lawschool that doesnt involve billing hours…

    I read on TPF (from Nov. 2008) that you have an amazing tailor where you get your Chanel jackets altered – would you mind sharing your secret, either here or via my e-mail? I have a few Chanel jackets I love that I bought online, but they could certainly fit better – I just haven’t found anyone in LA/OC that I trust yet..

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. ZhanQiu

    Thanks very much for the reply – especially when you are travelling. I’m dying to use my bag today but the weather forecast is rain (typical English weather) …
    Wishing you safe and happy travels!
    After seeing pictures of you and the camera bag it’s inspired me to think about one for myself… very handy the top zip opening. I’m starting a love affair with Chanel and I think you’re to blame ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. larkie

    hi ZhanQiu! i have heard about a product called Apple that some people use to protect/clean their Chanel bags but I’ve never actually used anything on my own bags, including the exotic ones. But for sure, the color transfer is a concern for light colored bags so the best thing to do is to keep it from rubbing against jeans (or anything!) and out of the sun which may cause uneven fading in the leather. I’d just be careful in using it, but my main rule is to enjoy the bag!! If an emergency happens, there is still help from the experts at Chanel.

  15. ZhanQiu

    I’ve just discovered your blog. You have an AMAZING wardrobe. Your “anemic-grey” croc is stunning. Can I ask for some advice? I just bought an off-white jumbo 2.55 reissue today. And the store was not very helpful in giving tips on how to look after it – except give advice like not to wear it with jeans (??!!) or other dark colours, and basically don’t get it dirty …. Is there any sort of protective spray or cream I can put on it? or any leather cleaner I should buy to keep at home in the event of an emergency (before I can get it to the nearest Chanel boutique).
    Appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks!

  16. viki anderson

    thank you so much *L* for the LA pix & the beautifully written piece on how you found your city. i adore it & always will, i hope it will not be too long until my next visit. looking forward to reading more on your fabulous travels. viki xx

  17. joan esposito

    LL ~ congrats on this fab website!
    can’t wait to explore all things Larkie!
    you’ve been a dear friend thru tpf ~
    you’re one of a kind!
    xxxooo Joan aka Joansie/Amma

  18. Regeens

    Larkie, I loved visiting all these places with you! Your stories and photos make us feel like we’ve actually taken the trip to these countries. I especially love that bike strip in Netherlands ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing.

  19. Sabrina

    No worries L, we’ll hang out in the ODJ page and discuss how fab all your outfits and bags are! I love seeing how you pair all of your Chanel bags with each outfit. Plan on learning a lot from you!

  20. larkie

    Yay! You guys actually joined, lol! I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out, but as soon as time permits I’ll have the forum up and running so that we can interact with each other!!

  21. littlefish

    err….i wonder why my replied was gone….anyway, jus to tell you that i read your chanel mobile art, I love the secret garden. Thanks for sharing your experiece and so being considerate and tell us who haave no chance to visit this.

  22. littlefish

    Yeehhh i am the second one leave comment here, I love your blog, Larkie, so who is the genius behind this blog? This is going to be a very interesting and fun place!

  23. Sabrina

    Larkie, this blog is awesome!!! Not sure if I am leaving this post in the proper place. Just wanted to let you know I loved the 3 blogs that are on here.

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