Runway Vs. Reality: 07P Jacket

                        Sometimes you see so many editorials of a certain item, you buy into the idea these pictures were absolutely created to sell.  This gilded jacket from the 2007 Spring season did exactly that to me. Although I knew, after seeing the runway looks, that I would not be …

Runway Vs. Reality: 12P Dress

Today’s Runway Vs. Reality challenge is the 12P dress I wore to my parents’ golden anniversary.                         The matching jacket from the runway ran big and I didn’t love it enough to buy the whole set. But I must say the frothy confection of a fabric used for this …


Would You Do This For Chanel?

                    Now isn’t that a loaded question? I’ve often questioned my sanity when it comes to collecting Chanel (especially RTW), but I think what I did today surpassed even my own definition of crazy CRAZY. So back during the spring season of 2013, I was fixated on a few items from …

Runway Vs. Reality: 09P Jacket and 08A Skirt

I’m in the dreaded midst of unpacking so today’s entry is very brief–two Sundays’ worth of IG photos from the Runway Vs. Reality series. First, the 08A skirt that I’d featured before here:                         Then the 09P jacket, featured here: