Runway Vs. Reality: 12P Dress

Today’s Runway Vs. Reality challenge is the 12P dress I wore to my parents’ golden anniversary.


The matching jacket from the runway ran big and I didn’t love it enough to buy the whole set. But I must say the frothy confection of a fabric used for this dress is ultimately what Chanel represents to me: superior textile.


Pretty hard to photograph white (like black) items, but maybe this picture of the inside of the dress (with French seams) gives you a better idea of the texture and finish of the dress:


I love turning a piece of garment inside out if simply to admire the engineering that went into it. I may be too impatient and hopelessly clumsy to construct anything with my own hands, but I will pay for someone else’s tedious craftsmanship with my undying loyalty.  So the Chanel blinders stay on.


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