Winter Wonderland

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You would think that packing would be a cinch for me by now. I should be able to do it with my eyes closed, right? Well, generally that would be true. But for whatever silly reason, on this trip to NY I sorely underestimated the whims of Mother Nature–how she could give me sunshine one day (cue all the adorable Chanel tweeds and inappropriate shoes I packed)…

and biting, snowy weather the next. But where there’s a downside for my sartorial choices, there’s an upside for my photo opps:

You can’t experience the beauty of nature without some discomfort. If kids don’t mind running around in the winter wonderland all day long, who am I to whine?

Yes, that’s Lil A outside of her school. And this is her brother, Mr. T, in one of his many adorable moments:

NYC is a city of many tasks for me: visiting the kids, meeting people for work projects, dashing in and out of stores, checking out great food, and of course, dashing in and out of stores again. Here’s the Prada store in Soho:

And here’s the popup Hermes boutique inside Grand Central Station:

Speaking of Soho, the Converse store there is also one of my favorite places to browse:

On this day they had a whole wall of Missoni x Converse sneakers:

The salesperson told me I fit right in with this pair on my feet…

little did he know about the madness back in my hotel room:

Well, dear readers, I don’t know why I should even touch a public phone without gloves on these days,

but the pink jacket in the photo is a good way for me to tie up today’s post. It’s been a pink state of mind for me on this trip, and this is my little souvenir from the only city that I would give up LA for:


  1. Kate

    Hi Larkie, I’m heading to NYC a in very different weather – the July heat – but was wondering if you could recommend which is the best Chanel to head for in NYC for a selection of ready to wear? I’ll be near the Soho boutique but from a previous trip know that the 57th boutique is huge … thanks in advance!

  2. larkie

    Hi Luxuriously Frugal! yes, it would be a massive adjustment to live in NYC… probably would take a few weeks to get used to not reaching for my car keys 😀 .

  3. Luxuriously Frugal

    Saw your name on the shoes. So cute! Love the color! I love New York City for shopping and running around, but I would be reluctant to live there.

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