Runway Vs Reality: 13A Jacket

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A few months ago on Instagram I started a series called “Runway Vs. Reality.” Each Sunday I would feature a Chanel item (mostly RTW) from my own closet that has been featured on the catwalk or some sort of celebrity runway. It’s challenging to find these runway pics for the older collections, but it is still a lot of fun for me to document how a fully edited glamorama piece really translates into a lazier, watered-down look in my daily life.

Usually I am disappointed by my lack of editorial skills, but most of the time the true craftsmanship of Chanel saves the day and in the end all I really have to do is show up with a combed head (well, I try) and matching shoes! Do I wish I had 5 inches more to my legs to do more justice to some of these confections? Sure, but it is what it is…

I enjoy finding pictures of Chanel in action on random blogs or websites, so I hope you will like this new feature that I plan to continue on my blog each Sunday. At least I can spam my own site with tons of photos–on IG I try to post only my favorite shots.

I know, I really should learn to pose better, right? After all these years you would think I could at least improve my posture or something, geez!

I’ll start a tab at the top of my home page to post all of the #RVSR looks so far, but today I’ll pick up from the 1/11/15 Sunday’s IG feed, which is the very pink jacket from the 13A collection. It’s so not me, but sometimes getting outside of one’s comfort zone is good for the soul. Plus the double sleeves/cuffs sealed my fate on this jacket. I remember when a very conservative SA brought me this jacket at the Ave Montaigne Chanel boutique to try on. We both laughed out loud at the color (as I was in all black that day as she was) but bonded over the sleeves. Every fiber in my brain said no, but whenever I see this jacket hanging in my closet now I smirk back at it 😀 .


  1. larkie

    thanks, Irene! i’ll have to take a pic of the few winter sale items i got… i actually had planned on skipping the winter sale and go straight to cruise!!

  2. larkie

    thanks, lady sarah!

  3. irene

    Hi Larkie,

    all your Chanel RTW are to die for . BTW, when are you gonna reveal your winter sales buy? Can’t wait

  4. lady sarah in london

    Looks amazing to me! Love the rose colour and I think you wear it even better than the more outré runway missy.

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