Spring Flash Sale Update

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Quick update, dear readers. First, a huge thank you to all of you who have reached out to me (I hope my responses went through to all of you without any technical hiccups), and second, the sale is still on! As items get sold, photos are deleted from the photobucket link.  And as I dig through my closet, more things will get added to the link.

You can leave a comment here or reach out to me at IG if you see anything interesting. I will endeavor to respond with more photos and information. When asked, I will also send you a price list in PDF. If I were more technical, I would be able to create a page here at the site just for the sale, but alas, it’s old school email for this gal.

See you at the next entry!


  1. MiKi

    Hi Larkie,
    Is the gray reissue still available? If so, can I find out the price? Do you have pictures of the inside of the bag?


  2. Patty

    Hi Larkie! I was wondering if the camera bag is still available, thank you in advance!!

  3. Linda

    May I please know the asking price for the grey camera bag? Thanks

  4. Angie B

    hi larkie! love everything! I’m interested in the chanel crystal brooch (broche bijou), the chanel grey bag with the silver chain (re-issue version?) and the chanel black and creme sandals. What’s your asking prices for each and the dimensions please? I’m a size 6 as well in my other chanel shoes so I know the sandals will fit perfect. Thank you!

  5. hetty

    i am interested in a few things, would you please send me a price list? hermesaddict1977@gmail.com

  6. Tdtc

    Hi Larkie,
    Have been following your blog for a while – love your style and psyched for opportunity to peruse your closet! The black dress with flowers is gorgeous – would you mind sharing a size and price as well as for the espadrilles?
    Thank you!

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