The Road To Adoption: Vert Olive

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Each time I’m about to update this series, I’m reminded of some family friends who fought the good fight for several years to adopt a little girl from China. Already in their 50s by the time they decided to make this commitment, they sacrificed a lot of time, expenses, and heart to find their daughter. It took them two tries, as the first attempt failed quite painfully. But the second time was a charm and the girl, who was not a newborn at adoption, is I am sure quickly becoming a southern belle in Dallas.

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When adoptive parents first lock eyes on their new child, is the love immediate? Has the search been worth every tear, every anxiety? Most of my friends who have adopted tell me that love shows up. Unconditionally, automatically. If they already have a biological child, they tell me the new love is no different. And those who have had no children previously tell me the love is profound.  But all parents tell me the love for their children is profound. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it?

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Well, I’m here to tell you that my own road to adoption has seen just as many surprises and bumps along the way.  In the end, love does show up without fail. Unconditionally but not always equally… since in the case of Hermès bags, I do play favorites (gasp!).  In today’s episode of The Road to Adoption series, I’m introducing my newest “child,” a vert olive Kelly 32cm–I really should mock up birth certificates for these bags. I have been waiting for her for a very long time. Please don’t tell the other kids, but she’s definitely one of my favorites.

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  1. larkie

    Hi Lady Sarah! i find the slouchier retourne shape a bit easier to carry for me. i do like the sellier but it seems a bit more formal looking (and a 32 in a sellier looks more like a 35 on me for some reason!).

  2. lady sarah in london

    Lovely,! I see you are a retourne girl, no sellier for you?

  3. Jessie

    Wow lucky lucky you. Where were you offered? FSH? I heard the inventory is really good there at the moment. 😉

  4. larkie

    Thanks, Jessie! this bag was absolutely pure luck. I have put in a Special Order for a vert veronese (quite similar) ostrich K but it’s been 10 months and no idea if it will ever arrive, so I immediately pulled the trigger on this vert olive when it was offered to me. GL on your bag (and send me a pic when you get her, lol).

  5. Jessie

    Congrats! I have been waiting my special order bag in similar colour for two years now! Was yours ordered or was it just pure luck??

  6. Jennifer

    She’s a beaute. What a lovely addition!

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