Runway Vs. Reality: Paris-Dallas Jacket

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Having grown up in Dallas it was quite a thrill for me to hear that Karl and his gang would be paying tribute to Big D during its 2014 Pre-Fall collection. While I loved the theatrical quality of the runway, it was actually a bit challenging to pick looks that translated seamlessly into real life.

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I’d pretty much written off the collection fairly early on in the season since I could not find the jacket-cardigan from Look 5. I thought it was a distressed leather jacket that I knew would perfectly suit my distressed 2.55 flap from a few seasons before:

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So imagine my thrill when I found the jacket, which is actually a coated cashmere jacket-cardi with a blanket-stripe lining, recently at the NYC boutique!

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You know how the saying goes, you can take a girl out of Texas but…. I’m just happy I finally have that Lone Star somewhere in my Chanel collection 😀 .

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  1. irene

    look great on you

  2. Scholastican

    This is what you do best – your ability to translate high fashion runway pieces and adapt them to daily lifestyle looks with flair is admirable. Thanks for taking us along your fashion finds journey. The runway vs reality posts are thoroughly delightful. Please keep ’em coming. That Lone Star coated cardigan is a serendipitous find. You’re perfect for each other!

  3. HHB

    What an absolutely fabulous jacket!! You wear it well! Great choice of bag to go with it.

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