Field Of Dreams

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Remember that Kevin Costner movie where the tag line was If you build it, he will come?  Now I’m not a baseball fan but the movie has always resonated with me because I am a fan of the theory that if you believe in something so much in your heart, you have to put it out there and the universe will conspire to make it come true. That’s the notion behind one of my favorite books, The Alchemist, and so much more eloquently phrased by Paulo Coelho like this: E quando você quer alguma coisa, todo o Universo conspira para que você realize seu desejo.

So, how am I going to tie that piece of literature into my love of bags and sneakers? Well, I have this other theory that if I get the Converse sneakers first, the bag will come 😀 . May I present this piece of evidence?

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And remember when this happened?


So anyway, I’ve always had a thing for mossy, olive, army greens, and I hoped (out loud to the Universe) that one day such a color would materialize in the form of an Hermès bag for me.  As you can see, to be safe I bought TWO pairs of sneakers in similar shades of greens to make sure my wish was not lost on anyone who had anything to do with the magic of the universe…

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First in yummy baseball leather:

IMG_7696 (800x800)

then in a more faded, muted suede:

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And wouldn’t you know it, a few years later the bag came. Just like “Shoeless” Joe Jackson in the movie. Oh, the irony!

So this all begs the question: I do have this earthy red sneaker in my closet, waiting to be broken out (oh yeah, the other rule is that I cannot wear the shoe until the bag arrives).

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Could a rouge H bag be waiting for me somewhere down the road ? C’mon, my field of dreams!

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  1. Michelle

    Hahah…looks like I need to be going out to buy myself some Converse :).

  2. larkie

    Hi Jennifer! yes, i have a brighter pair of red patent sneakers (that i had custom made at the converse site) to go with that red jumbo! i know, i need an intervention.

  3. larkie

    hi Irene, i’ve never really had any problems with Converse sneakers falling apart except from wearing them to death. i just store the new ones in a big bin in my garage, and when a new bag arrives, i dig for the right pair to match 😀 !

  4. irene

    Hi Larkie, how you care all your shoes if you don’t wear them for a while but still love it. I thought the sole will open when seldom wear.

  5. Jennifer

    What ever happened to the red patent jumbo i believe you use to have? Would that have matched?

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