Spring Flash Sale
Before I get back to posting about my trip to NYC, I’ll do a quick fashion interruption here about a major closet cleaning I’m doing chez moi. Packages are arriving from my recent trip and I am a bit desperate for closet space. My road to adoption is also about to hit pay-dirt. What’s a girl to do? Well, I thought about putting all the stuff I’d like to clear out of my closet into a guest closet. Done. Then I separated the things that I will donate from the better stuff that I think I could sell. Check. Went through some angst and moved a few things back to my real closet. Sigh.

Finally, I took pictures of the things that I should try to either sell myself or send to consignment. Check, check. Then it occurred to me that I should just post a link of the pictures here in case any of you readers might be looking for something that I’m selling? I have received emails every so often about what I do with things that I no longer use (especially the designer goods), so let’s make this a Spring flash sale experiment!

If you see something that catches your fancy, shoot me an email here or reach me at IG and we can take it from there. Enjoy the eye candy!


  1. Elle

    Hi: I’ve been looking for a camera bag! Can you send me the details?

  2. Lina

    Hi Larkie,
    I am interested in grey camera bag, gold or black reissue. I would appreciate if you can let me know whether they are still available and what the prices are.
    Thank you

  3. fan

    hi Larkie,

    if the grey reissue camera bag hasn’t already sold, can you please tell me the price?


  4. Min Yee

    Hi, I’m interested in the reissue tote and the Leo flap. Appreciate details if they’re still available. Thank you

  5. Nat

    Hi Larkie, I am interested in the chanel black dress and the tweed dress, as well as the chanel cuff. Are any still available,?

  6. Corinna

    Hi Larkie,
    Is the black reissu still available? What size and how much are you asking for? Thanks

  7. corinna

    Interested in the black reissue. Which size is it and what are you asking for it? Thanks!

  8. Michelle

    Trying again with another email address!

  9. Kathy

    Reissue tote and leo flap info please! Posted on IG too!

  10. Shirley

    I am interested in the lion head bag. Would u mind dropping me an email how much uou would like to sell it for.

  11. Anna

    Hi Larkie,

    Interested in the black reissue. Is the black reissue available? Which size is it and what are you asking for it? Thanks!

  12. Hannah

    Hi larkie
    I’m interested in many things! Could you send me a price list of whats available?

  13. Michelle

    Hi Larkie, I’m interested in the 13C tweed jacket/camisole on p. 1. Kind of kicked myself for passing on it on sale (to get the other one with fringed sleeves, think I saw that you have it too!) and hopefully this might be a second chance at it! Please let me know how much since sales have also pillaged me as well :o!

  14. Amalia

    hello! i am interested in the camellia brooch and black reissue. could you please email me their prices? thank you!!!

  15. Vicki

    Hi! I am interested in quite a few pieces and was wondering if you could email me for further details, thanks!

  16. irene

    Hi Larkie, may I know how much you letting go for the chanel beige/black knitted cardigan . Also, what is the size


  17. Jennifer

    You’ll be cleaned out by noon tomorrow. 🙂

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