Tie One On

After the euphoric high wears off, reality sets in. So I’ve been looking high and low for just the right silk scarves to wrap the handles of my exotic bags. Truth be told, I’d much rather carry the bags unadorned in all their natural beauty, but my head has been filled lately by cautionary tales of people defying the consequences …


The Chanel Jacket Diaries, Part 4

Luck is my favorite four letter word. When I walk in my shoes each day, I understand exactly the first sentence in Mademoiselle Chanel’s quotation above. Luck is both a state of mind and a manifestation of the very hard work that goes into staying lucky. And when I reflect on all the mentors and guardian angels who have provided …

Matchy-Matchy 04/21/14

Chanel grey-taupe camellia wedges, Hermes etoupe Jypsiere 28cm, and Hermes etain Evelyne.


ODJ: 4/18 Club Annual Meeting

Though I won’t actually see Lil A for the 4/18 Club annual meeting till a bit later, we could at least coordinate our outfits around my favorite color on our shared birthday. Grey is the new black, and this is Lil A’s ODJ: As for me, I’m going with a paler shade of grey to offset the darker ostrich bag. …


Matchy-Matchy 4/16/2014

Sometimes there is no back-story to tell; I simply like pairing and photographing fashion items. Today’s entry starts yet another series I’ll feature here called Matchy-Matchy. And it’ll only be about the eye candy!