Isn’t It Always Tea Time Somewhere?

One of my favorite man-built places in the world is the colonial-style Raffles Hotel in Singapore. If I could model my dream house after anything it would be this place, with the long wrap-around porch and romantic courtyard. What a backdrop this place is for any kind of photography! I’m not one to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, but I could easily dwindle my hours away just rocking in one of their rattan chairs on the portico. Of course I’d be dressed in a white linen outfit with maybe a pair of these golden Louboutin sandals

peeping from under my pans to show off a new pedicure, but I digress… you see where the mind always goes when I daydream.

Now where was I before that fashion interruption? Oh yes, back in my final post from Kuala Lumpur. So what I did not tell you in the last entry was that we had to kill some time before the allotted hour for non-Muslims to enter the mosque. So we walked around…

until we decided after a few minutes that air conditioning was in fact the greatest invention by man. Luckily, the Hotel Majestic, built in the neoclassical and art-deco style, was just around the corner:

Isn’t it always tea time somewhere in the world?

We actually got there right before their heavily booked 4pm high tea and had the place pretty much to ourselves.

The hotel is exquisite. Next time I’m booking a high tea reservation in their orchid room:

Our waitress apologetically rushed us out as tea time was approaching, but I didn’t mind. This brief pit stop was just enough to revive me, and what a nice reminder of all my high tea experiences, especially those at the Raffles. Sitting down for a nice, long tea break is the only cure to my restlessness.

What does every tourist do in KL? Well, I don’t know for sure but yours truly got this Fantasy Island shot (if you are too young to reference this show from the early 80s, you’ll just have to Google it):

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  1. Pat Davey

    I would like to book high tea in orchid room on Friday 19th April 2019

    Many thanks.

    Pat Davey.

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