National Mosque of Malaysia

Of all the mosques that I encountered on my trips through Morocco, not once did I get an opportunity to enter one for one reason or another. But here on this trip to Malaysia, where Islam is the official and largest religion, I hope to finally be allowed entry.

So SL and I hop into her car and make our way to the National Mosque of Malaysia,

situated among 13 lush acres and marked by a 73-meter high minaret:

During certain hours non-Muslims are permitted inside,

but proper attire is required and shoes must be removed:

I happily oblige (no matter the heatstroke that I feel coming on) so that I could experience this…

The mosque is fairly quiet today, the day after Friday prayer:

What a beautiful structure this mosque is, a perfect place for quiet reflection…

I return my violet chador,

get last shots of my surroundings,

and take my final stroll in my DIY hijab, a veil of sorts made from a Louis Vuitton monogramouflage stole that has been around the world with me…

hey, there’s always a fashion moment waiting to break out!

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  1. Lisa D.

    I love how you can still make a fashion statement:)

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