Croc K32/Look 2

I confess. I was so overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got for the first look that I am rather hesitant to post this second look today. In my head I think that’s how the Kelly should be dressed up always, but in my heart I know I can’t walk around in ethereal dresses to do what I do on most days. I’d love to, but it would be ridiculous. My feet would kill me, too. In real life, this is more my daily uniform below.

Croc K32/Look 2: 7 For All Mankind straight jeans, Chanel boots, Prada swing jacket, white tshirt, and Hermes scarf.

All these years of reading Vogue have not helped in the photo taking department one bit! But on an unrelated note, have you seen a lovelier scarf than this Mythiques Phoenix pattern? A dear friend literally searched everywhere for it for me! All my favorite (muted) colors are represented even if you can’t see them too well in my pics–anthracite, black, white, purple, navy, dark green. Major love.

BTW, here’s how all four pairs look together:

OK heading to shoe rehab now…and taking the furkid with me.


  1. Sze

    You’r Kelly is gorgeous… Looks great with both outfits.

  2. larkie

    Jessie, That dress is from the 2008 fall season. So many gorgeous looks from that collection!! GL on your search!

  3. larkie

    hi Irene, this mid height pair is quite comfortable once i figured out how to tie it up properly. they are heavy boots but due to the chunky soles, there is adequate support for long walks. The tall ones take some time to get used to (they are like riding boots that need to be broken in) but the leather is supple so all around very user friendly 🙂

  4. Irene Wong

    HI Larkie, is the chanel boot comfortable when walking a long time?. The grey one in mid length

  5. Irene Wong

    i like your latest look and your to die for Chanel boot

  6. Irene Wong

    Hi Larkie,

    I love the latest look, nice and love your Chanel boot

  7. Jessie

    I love today’s style as well as the last one with chanel dress.
    Both simply perfect, perfect, perfect!!!
    Could I ask which season the dress came out? If you could tell me the product code I might try to search high and low for it.

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