Croc K32/Look 1

I’m kicking off the Year of the Horse with a series of six looks around one bag, the Hermès black matte croc Kelly 32cm bag that I recently adopted. Please bear with me the unprofessional photography. It’s so much easier to point and shoot scenes from the street than to take selfies. It’s impossible to get the lighting, angle, and hair right in each pic, but that’s just how real life is, isn’t it? And my tripod is wobbly, making it even more challenging to take head-to-toe shots. I really have respect for fashion bloggers who put in the time and effort to take such polished, edited looks day after day without running off screaming. I know I’m always relieved to kick the heels off after the photos are done.

Croc K32/Look 1: 08A Chanel nude chiffon dress, YSL Tribtoos, and Chanel camellia cuff.

What the heck are you supposed to do with your arms anyway in these selfies? Apparently I like the one-armed pose. It’s like this in all the pics! Geez Louise…

Don’t you love it when shoes match a dress perfectly?

And here’s the exit view of the dress:

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!


  1. larkie

    hi PB, i’m always happy to find you here. but for inspiration i go to your blog and posts at tpf!!

  2. pursebop

    you literally take our breath away with this look…truly you are a sophisticate at heart… oh, and I love your photography, the ease and candidness of your pics, so please keep posting just as you do…
    love a fellow admirer xo

  3. meeowy

    Happy New Year. I love your travel pictures (thanks for sharing!), but this Chanel dress made me finally sign in and leave a message. It is the so delicate and unique, love how it drapes over the shoulder.

  4. Lisa

    Well, now you have done it! You’ve posted many, many beautiful clothes (and bags! and shoes! and places!), but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dress as beautiful as this Chanel. And, of course, perfectly paired with that gorgeous Hermes and the exact-match Tribtoos.

  5. Scholastican

    Now there’s a portrait of a lady 🙂 PERFECTION!

  6. Aesthetic Alterations

    I saw this exact Kelly combination on the streets of NYC last week, and I was stunned by its beauty—so stunned I even talked with the owner (I was wearing a Kelly, too, as it happens, so there was instant camaraderie). Not only your Kelly is divine, so is that incredible dress. Love it.

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