Croc K32/Look 3

I’m a relatively late/slow adapter of Instagram, and I can’t say I’m quite the addict of it like everyone warned me I’d become. After a while the sensory overload dulls all my senses and the eye candy begins to feel like a buffet that’s no longer palatable. However, what I do find helpful is how creative and clever some people are in visual presentation on such a small medium, particularly with the use of hues and patterns. I can certainly aspire to bring more colors here!

So although there’s still a lot of snow for some of you, today I thought I’d bring a little LA sunshine to you through this look. I still don’t know how to synch up my IG account to my blog so we’ll just old school it here…

Croc K32/Look 3: theory white linen pants, Alexander McQueen silk kimono cape, Banana Republic white tank, Gucci snakeskin sandals, Indian 22k gold bib necklace.

I’m trying to mix metals here with the gold tones in the necklace and shoes against the silver hardware on the purse, and hmmm… the jury’s still out for me. Not sure I’d do it again. But I love the movement on the cape:


  1. larkie

    hi IC, i don’t think it’s a fashion faux pas at all–it’s really a matter of personal choice. personally i’m trapped in the mindset of matching everything exactly so it’s hard for me to mix things up. some people are very good at it (i try to be inspired by stylists) but when left to my own devices in my own closet, i just do the boring obvious stuff!!

  2. IC

    I love this! But is wearing gold against a silver hardware bag a fashion faux pas? I wouldn’t have noticed that, and even now that I do, I’m still indifferent about it. I usually wear yellow gold and white gold rings together (mainly because they have sentimental value), and I would wear a pair of gold tory burch with a bag that has tiny amt of silver hardware. Is that weird?

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