Year 6

So while I was on the road, November 3, 2013 came and went like any other day. Except that it marked the advent of the sixth year of this blog.

If I were sticking to tradition, I would feature photos of six items of something that told a cohesive story since the root of most of my blog entries resides in some anecdote. But still somewhat out of whack from the recent travel back to California, I cannot for the life of me find six of anything in my closet that can tell a new story.

However, its divisor, the number 3, is a much easier number to photograph. Especially when it comes to this particular grouping of Chanel boots/shoes that I obsessed over from the 2013 winter season. They came in four styles (knee boots, mid-calf boots, ankle boots, and oxfords) and four colorways (camel, dark grey, olive green with burgundy cap-toe, and grey with burgundy cap-toe). As you can see, I remain a creature of habit and stick to what I love most.

Did you know that six is the only number that is both the sum and the product of three consecutive positive numbers?

Did you know that the mid-calf version is on a plane somewhere on its way to me (in the grey combo) :D? So that makes four pairs of similar looking shoes for one pair of feet. Somewhere my math teacher is crying. And Imelda Marcos is clapping.

To make up for a photographically uneventful marking of this blog’s sixth anniversary, I will start a new fashion series in the next entry of six looks around the one bag that I posted about not too long ago. I hope you will join the fun.


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