Marché de Noël, Dortmund

I’ve been to Germany a few times and have always loved the fact that even if I fell from a plane with no clue of where I am exactly, I can always tell I am in Germany just by looking at the distinctive architecture. I also love that the German people are generally very direct and cordial, and you can always find a great glass of wine no matter where you go.

But God help me when it comes to reading German; there’s no amount of English, French, Spanish, or Italian to help me even decipher something as simple as a German menu. So to me, the best time for some culinary adventure in Germany is during the winter holidays when the Christmas markets are in full bloom throughout the country. It is a wonderful time to eat (evil) food that you can clearly see before buying; no need for translation. What you see is what you get.

My first stop today through Germany is at one of several Marchés de Noël in Dortmund,

an industrial, urban town that’s also the 8th largest city in Germany. The city center is a hodgepodge of medieval and modern architecture…

And as it turns out, also home to an Hermès boutique. But I do not manage to find it, too distracted by all the food and buzz around the numerous Christmas markets. Plus in Germany is where I find the first snow of the winter season…

Next stop, a city that’s rapidly becoming the telecom hub of Germany.


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