Fashion Opportunity Costs

If I had a choice of superhero powers, it wouldn’t be the ability to control weather (though that could be a very practical skill set for a road warrior like me) or to heal myself from physical injury or even to have X-ray vision. It would simply be the power to teleport myself, or even better, clone myself so that I could be in multiple places at the same time.

This is the mindset I’m in right now because if there were two of me today, one of them would be in Kuala Lumpur sitting at the Chanel 2014 Cruise show while the other is at work in Belgium. It’s a terrible bummer to get an invitation and not be able to attend, but my consolation prize will be waiting for me the next time I’m in KL:

Anyway, I was particularly keen on attending the show to see how they would show these two jackets that I’d tried on in Paris…

It’s one thing to see the runway photos from Paris a few weeks ago, but it’s another to see how the pieces move on the human form after they’ve been properly fitted on the models. My own photos from dressing rooms do not do the jackets any justice because I am usually in inappropriate footwear or just too casually dressed. Anyway, no teleporter, no show.

Then I also received this email today:

Dagger to the heart! A public exhibit along with a private show in my own hometown of Dallas, Texas! And finally an opportunity for a chance meeting with Karl Lagerfeld himself (and by chance of course I mean stalking the poor man with my camera). But when Big D welcomes Chanel and KL home–there’s a rich, loving history between this city and Chanel–I’ll be on Karl’s usual continent, hopefully in a city I’ve not seen before. Just that at this point I don’t know exactly where I’ll be on December 10th yet. But no doubt I’ll be sobbing in my head for all these fashion opportunity costs in exchange for a life on the road. Not that I’m complaining; I wouldn’t trade the world…for the world. Just too bad human cloning wasn’t available for sale on Cyber Monday!


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