Düsseldorf, Part One

If Düsseldorf looks cold in these photos, it’s because it was. But even on a dreary day the city is magnetic.

This diverse city along the Rhine River is an international business/financial center with beautiful modern architecture,

but its Altstad (Old Town) is a must see for all visitors:

This charming one-square kilometer block is chock full of buildings that were rebuilt, following severe bombing during WWII, on foundation walls using historic plans so that the entire quarter actually retains its original, historical look and significance instead of a mishmash landscape more typical of reconstructed post-war cities.

These days the Altstad is an endless stretch of restaurants, bars, and shops blended in with old churches and official buildings.

The warm shops, especially the “sweet” ones, make a perfect oasis when I need to thaw my hands and feet…

Starbucks is not a bad pit stop for free wifi and warm drink either:

And just as in Dortmund, the Christmas markets abound in Düsseldorf. This one has to be one of my favorites in Germany and this is what it’s like to stumble upon and through it:

But if you were traveling with me, you’d know I have a particular radar in my head for roasted chestnuts, and this is where I always end up, sometimes more than once or twice for good measure 😀 :

So that’s Düsseldorf, Part One. More on the other face of the city in the next entry.


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