Paris For Play

Paris is definitely a dangerous playground for any fashion addict, whether you are that seasoned shopper with a determined gaze straight ahead of you or a newbie meandering around a bit lost with stars in your eyes. At this point in my life, I’m the seasoned shopper still with stars in my eyes each time I find myself in this neighborhood:

It never fails. I could be very resolute in my shopping itinerary, headed for this destination…

but somehow get drawn into another shop because of the tempting display windows…

So instead of looking first and foremost for that elusive Kelly on my wish list, I wander into the Chanel flagship store’s extension boutique and find a pair of oxfords that I was not able to find anywhere in the US:

I actually have a hard time debating between the two oxfords seen here below, but the sweet salesperson convinces me that the more classic beige combo is the way to go. Those tall boots also get embedded into my mental notebook; I’ll have to make time to find them in my size at some point:

I walk out of the store pretty happy; don’t you just love diversions that help check off something on a to-do list? Anyway, I get to Hermes but they are closed for inventory:

I’ll stop by the other H boutiques later. For now, since I’m already here and being sucked in by all the holiday decorations…

I try on some RTW to finalize my short list for the upcoming winter sale buys…

But after five or six stores…

I’m starting to feel every cobblestone under my sneakers. But just when the fatigue sets in, I spot these wonderful views outside the bathroom window (!) of a department store–yes, that’s the Sacré-CÅ“ur in the distance–

and I feel recharged. What’s another ten more stores to go, especially if along the way I can get some literal eye candy like this giant chocolate gorilla at Patrick Roger?

Besides, I can always rest my feet once I’m back on the train…

Paris for play is just as thrilling as Paris for work. See you in the next country.


  1. Story Paige

    I’ll be visiting Paris for the very first time in March…please do share some “must” stop shopping if you have suggestions. #excited

  2. irene

    Hi Larkie, nice shoe you score from Chanel and looking at all your Paris picture, it reminds me when I was there 8 years ago. Can you let me know which hotel you stay when you there or any nice hotel with good price you can share with me .

    Thanks and have fun

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