Düsseldorf, Part Two

Düsseldorf, Part Two is all about the gorgeous modern architecture that peppers the city’s skyline. And if you are a fan of American architect Frank O. Gehry, you would have a field day here like I did.

The Neuer Zollhof is a complex, at Düsseldorf-Hafen (Media Harbor), consisting of three large Gehry buildings with signature curves and a gravity-defining lean. Each building has a different façade, one in stainless steel,

one in red brick,

and a third in white plaster,

There’s also a namesake steak restaurant on the grounds:

Here are some other spectacular buildings in this area:

This is one of the coolest Hyatt properties I’ve ever seen:

You can even rent this bullet for a private event:

In the final entry from Düsseldorf I’ll take you back to the more historical side of the city for final shots from the street and then it’s on to my final destination in Germany.


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