ODJ Kelly/Look 5

It’s official. I definitely have no career as a stylist or creative director in fashion. I may have a pretty special closet but it’s always the same old uniform in my daily life. Jeans, jacket, heels. Repeat. Wonderful pieces and no clever eye to put it all together. Sigh.

Not how I wanted to close out my ODJ Kelly series, but I suppose my blog is really about how an amateur dresser like me would incorporate a Chanel jacket or iconic bag into real life. Life un-photoshopped and definitely not Instagram-worthy. Looks so much more effortless when a professional puts an outfit together–I rip out pages of magazines whenever I find Chanel RTW in an editorial for inspiration, with all the cool accessories and layering pieces. But the reality is that I’d rather use my spare five minutes constructively with my flat iron in the morning than rummage through my closet for five exasperating minutes to figure out how to look less… well, predictable.

I know, dressing well is about thoughtful consideration, creativity, and a little whimsy. But as much as I try, I think I actually have very little patience for it. My heart wants to leave the house looking like Grace Kelly (or Lily van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl) every day, but my head is always already a few steps ahead, rushing out the door after my to-do list for the day instead.

ODJ Kelly/Look 5:
Chanel 10A jacket with goatskin leather strips blended into the tweed, Exhilaration dark jeans, YSL nude tribtoo slingbacks, white t-shirt.

What am I missing here to spice up my wardrobe? Maybe some signature jewelry? Less neutral colors in my wardrobe? Raise your hand if you can come over and help me pull outfits together :D!


  1. rose

    Lakie, i send 2 mails or you with the pics you asked, just i case if you didnt see. it. thanks

  2. rose

    Babes, sorry for late reply to your email. I have mailed the pics of the chanel jacket now. Plese check your mil and let me know. thanks

  3. Jodi@Avenues

    That jacket is spectacular! I would try it with cuffed weathered jeans.

  4. larkie

    wow jettedivine, i looked at your polyvore looks and i was amazed. i’m totally missing that styling gene that you have in abundance. btw i am drooling over those valentino rockstud ballerinas you featured. wowza!

  5. larkie

    Yes, it would def look more polished with white pants!!

  6. jettedivine

    I think the jacket would look nice with a pretty short dress, a skirt, shorts, or even skinny pants. If you’ve the time, please check out the outfits I’ve put together: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=93909869

  7. IC

    This outfit is pretty and simple. If you pair it with white pants, will it look more elegant?

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