Four Chanel Dresses

So in the last five entries I sort of struggled to put five looks together with the Kelly bag–you can see a recap in black/white at the ODJ link elsewhere on my blog. Anyway, I abhor whining and I did a little bit of that in the last post, so I thought I’d redeem myself today with something more fun by getting your feedback!

At the end of this month my parents will be celebrating their golden anniversary so we’re throwing them a party. Besides all the (real) important decisions, there is the burning question of what to wear! I’ve narrowed my choices down to four Chanel dresses, all because I can wear them with the one pair of heels that I want to pack (lightly) for this trip. It’s been two decades since I lost the ability to control my weight swing due to a few medical issues, so I always need to have a backup plan. I never know if I’ll have a thin or thick day, even if I eat the same thing every day. But TMI!

Anyway, my choices for you are quite simple: two in light colors and two in black. For each color there are a fitted and a relaxed silhouette. What’s your vote?

Option 1: Paris-Londres dress (runway photos below all courtesy of This dress is so amazing in person and there is no way for photographs to do it any justice. The fabric is beyond cool. But I need to remove a couple of ribs to be able to exhale.

Option 2: 12A dress, a very safe if boring choice with nice “exit” feature in the back. But I could actually keep all my ribs to wear this dress.

Option 3:
12P dress. Again, a tight squeeze. I think I need some kind of belt to accent this dress though?

Option 4: Paris Bombay dress. Inhale, exhale, it doesn’t matter in this forgiving dress. I had alterations done to it already, but compared to the runway photo, it could still be better fitted to give me a waistline? But then it wouldn’t be a comfy dress then…

If you have ideas for how to accessorize the option you choose, I’d love to hear it as well :D!


  1. Chanel

    All your dresses look very lovely! Chanel is also closing several department store doors in mid sized cities. Georgeous outfits! Thank goodness for this post!

  2. Henrietta

    All your dresses look very lovely! Hope the party was a success and looking forward to see photos! Btw youve disappeared from purseforum.

  3. Scholastican

    You know, #2 is really growing on me. Very Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast At Tiffany’s…maybe you can don this if you’re having a a pre-reception cocktails hour, then change into #3 for the post dinner/after party? And #4 seems perfect of there is a ceremony, so there you go, you get to wear most of ’em 😉

  4. SL

    I vote for Option 1. Bring option 4 as back-up! Don’t bother packing options 2 and 3!

  5. Fauxionista

    I meant to say you’re not your. Pfft. Pardon my mistake!

  6. Fauxionista

    I vote for the last option, the Paris Bombay dress. To create an illusion of waistline, use a chain belt and loop it lariat-style with the excess chain hanging to your left to match the little bit of skin your exposing on your neckline to keep things symmetry (much like the necklace the model is wearing with the tassel to the left). If you choose to wear a necklace, try to find one that’s in between length so that it would sit on the pleats of the neckline, not quite touching the end of the neckline on the dress, if you get what I mean. Have fun & congrats to your parents! 🙂

  7. Piggy

    Love the look of you in Option 2 & 4, you rock the outfit.

  8. Scholastican

    #3 for warmer weather, #4 if it is cooler. Those are some dreamy dresses!

  9. d

    Adore #3 since it is fun and best for a celebration! BTW: how do you find the fit? Is the 34 just too small, even for you? I have a rounder tummy these days. 😛

  10. L

    I definitely vote for Option 4, the Paris-Bombay. It’s beautiful! Elegant and happy (important for the occasion, right?). Bonus that it’s comfortable. I don’t think it really needs a lot of accessories. Maybe pearl studs?

    You can’t go wrong with any of them, though. Congratulations to your parents!

  11. Anonymous

    Definitely 1 or 3! Both dresses look more fun and girlish for the occasion 🙂

  12. irene

    I like you in Paris Londres or Paris Bombay. You look slim and pretty .

  13. Cath

    Option A or Option D … And without sounding like a stalker (hopefully) with your little silver lion’s head Chanel bag! 🙂

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