ODJ Kelly/Look 4

I’m pretty old school when it comes to matching bags with shoes. Finding the perfect match is akin to hitting a hole-in-one or staying upright on a bucking bull for 8 seconds. Hey, shopping is as much a sporting event as anything else in my world. Anyway, I thought I did a pretty good job in the photo above till a dear friend sent me this photo below (courtesy of Hermes.com):

Those Hermès jumping boots must go on my wish list!

ODJ Kelly/Look 4: 08P Chanel cardigan with chain details, white Mossimo t-shirt, Chanel taupe camellia wedges, and black theory shorts. The first photo is of Jessica Stam (one of my fav models) on the runway in the cardigan, courtesy of Style.com.

Mad props to this 08P cardigan. 2008 will always strike me as a bittersweet year, one outstanding collection after another chez Chanel while the markets crashed all around. Retail (and all other industries) panicked and for a while I did wonder what the economic fallout would be on my beloved fashionscape. Well, I guess we all know Hermès and Chanel lived another day…and then some. Love the chain details and the painted yarn:

Final shot taken without flash for all you textile lovers:


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