If It Ain’t Broke

This has been one uncharacteristically cold Spring on the European continent. It’s been rainy and chilly since I got here ten days ago; I’m just now thawing under a tiny patch of sun which probably won’t last past noon. The 20km Brussels Run is this Sunday and they’re predicting more rain. We shall see how hardy the good people of Belgium are. This Los Angeleno, however, will be praying for mercy from Mother Nature.

It’s a good thing I’ve been buried in work since arriving here so rain has not been a factor, especially since I was showered with flowers and a sweet welcoming basket of munchies my host family knew I would love when I got here…

The thing about being on the road is that travel presents new shopping adventures (when one makes time for them) while at the same time prevents you from making other sales that are happening at home. I say this because my email box has been flooded with announcements of Memorial Day sales since last week. But as I’ve always said, technology is a great equalizer and an even greater enabler. With my smart phone I’ve been able to score the YSL (well, now it’s just Saint Laurent minus Yves) Tribtoo slingbacks on sale with just a few emails and phone calls. The rumor is that this shoe and the beloved Tribute will go the way of Yves. So yes, I’m hoarding before they become completely extinct.

You’ve seen my current collection in prior posts:

Actually I have two pairs in that same light grey color. I got a pair from the boutique last sale season then found an even cheaper pair on eBay a few months later. In my defense heels that fit comfortably are rare for me, so when something works, I stick to it in as many colors as possible! Anyway, here are the two latest grabs from this week:

There’s just one more pair (in nude patent) I’m hoping to score from this summer sale season, then I can feel pretty safe even after these Tribtoos are completely gone…

So dear The Powers That Be at Saint Laurent, please spare the Tribtoo for your loyal fans. If it ain’t broke, don’t change it. Please also bring back Yves. YSL is so much smoother than just Saint Laurent. Just sayin’!

Since The Powers That Be do not read silly blogs like mine, I think I’ll go hoard an extra pair in black. Shopping online is awesome no matter how hard it’s raining outside!


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