20km De Bruxelles

Around this time of year the sun makes its appearance in generously rainy Brussels. However, on this particular Sunday for the annual 20KM de Bruxelles (half a marathon), it is downright chilly with rain clouds hovering over the city. But for every runner who has ever trained for a long distance event, it is all about the finish line, rain or shine.

I’ve shared with you here my conscious decision to fight the battle against gravity by keeping a steady workout routine. I picked up running in grad school, one sidewalk at a time through Westwood and Bel Air, but more or less gave it up as I diverted to other things that were more forgiving on my knees and shins. Then after my most recent move, where I now have a full gym, I picked up running again though on a treadmill. Six miles a day, three times a week. It’s not the same as running on the street, but it is the same darn angst. Hate it, love it. Want to do it.

Anyway, I came out to this mini-marathon to support some people…

to enjoy the large park at the Cinquantenaire…

to just have the experience of being a spectator at a running event…

and simply to get lost in a sea of people…

For every winner (who clocked in just under an hour at this event) mobbed by the press,

there are thousands upon thousands of other runners who race against their own clocks, for a charity, or just for the love of running:

Or just to get to the finish line.

The 20km de Bruxelles will be May 18 of next year. I’ll have to step up my training if I’m going to run it!


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