36 Hours In Vegas

By the time I post this entry I will have already crossed the Atlantic for another one of my European trips. It’ll take me a few days to resurface here after that flight, mainly due to the insufferable insomnia that I know awaits me there. In a span of a few weeks I’ve packed, unpacked, and repeated so many times I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My furkids have also taken turns sleeping on top of my carry on case as a non-verbal protest to my impending absence. But even they have learned to adapt to living with a nomad, and it makes our reunions that much sweeter. All I can say is I’m really glad I adopted cats instead of dogs; they are much more independent in spirit and are probably more in tune with my lifestyle.

So what exactly did I do with 36 hours in Vegas on one of my recent trips? The first thing was checking out a hotel I’ve never stayed at before (one of the joys of reaching destination!)–and this time it’s the Vdara Hotel & Spa. Here are night and day shots of views from the 40th floor:

It’s modern, new, glassy (and glossy) without any trace of cigarette smoke. I’d stay here again.

The second thing was hitting the Premium Outlet mall just up the freeway from the strip. It’s always hit and miss at these outlets but I scored two pairs (bogo no less!) of Stella McCartney for Adidas trainers for $59 after tax. Can you beat that?! That’s better than winning a few measly bucks at a slot machine.

Third thing was checking in at work to make sure no unexpected fires have turned up. Then off I went to one of my favorite strolls at the Bellagio. I’m always excited to see what magic they’ve set up in their grand foyer. This time it’s a tribute to spring and Holland:

I’m not planning on visiting the Netherlands this tour of Europe, but this glimpse from Vegas is already quite fun.

So while everyone else in Vegas seems to be scuttling off to gamble (or ?), I’m as usual chasing after my stomach. This time one dish that stood out in particular was a Thai soft shell crab salad:

Not all Thai restaurants are created equal, and my favorite way to judge their authenticity is how well they make and deliver the sticky rice:

Outside of Thailand I’ve never had better sticky rice than at Ngam in NYC’s East Village.

As usual, I’ve saved my favorite thing to do in Vegas for last. You know summer sales are around the corner; what better way to do a recon for my final buy list than to pop into these lovely boutiques for inspiration…

See you over there.

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  1. MinhT

    May I ask you for the name of that Thai restaurant in Vegas? It looks amazing!

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