ODJ 250

Are you tired of seeing my mug here all the time lately? I am, too, but preparing for a protracted upcoming trip has made it a bit challenging to blog too frequently these days, so these ODJs have been more or less a substitute for writing. Now speaking of long trips, I always seem to get into a rut of panicking exactly ten days prior to departure about packing the right accessories. This time it has been even more crazed because of a shoulder pain I’ve been, well, shouldering for almost 9 months now. I joke often about self-medicating but I am really trying everything out there to fix this problem without resorting to pain killers.

Then yesterday I went to see an acupuncturist. She even offered to take a picture of the needles on my leg in case I wanted to Facebook it. No, not Facebook, I muttered, but maybe for my blog :D…

I lost count of the number of needles along my body and metal stickers inside my right ear. But as I was laying there listening to her stories of the injuries she has cured, I was thinking I could be a fool for letting a stranger poke me with sharp objects. I hadn’t done any research on acupuncture, just desperate enough to get my arm and shoulder back in shape before the trip. Then my mind drifted off to other things, like how much I’m supposed to tip this person, what terms I wanted to negotiate with a client on Monday, which pairs of shoes I should pack for the trip…you get the picture. Would acupuncture work on attention deficit symptoms? Then all of a sudden, she snapped me back to where we were and asked me to wave my arm around. The pain was gone. I repeat. The pain was gone.

Call me a skeptic, cynic, atheist, Chanelaholic, any of those things. But I’m going back to see her this week for another session.

So that’s a long segue into today’s ODJ, but the story I wanted to relay was that I need to stop carrying big bags. The medium sized flap you see in today’s look should be as big as I can go and still save my shoulder, acupuncture or no acupuncture.

ODJ 250: Diane von Furstenberg wool jersey dress, Gucci heels, Chanel “Malaysian Special” flap, and South Seas pearls. I’m thinking the shoes don’t really vibe with the bag, which I think maybe should be funkier than a Chanel bag, but these shoes are so comfy I stuck with them for the event. And I wanted to use the bag for the event, so those are the breaks.

PS: love the slit pockets at the waist on this dress…


  1. Scholastican

    *fab* I meant. darn this spellchecker =P

  2. Scholastican

    Looking fan in that DVF wrap, MissL!

  3. Piggy

    Thanks Larkie, for your advise.

  4. larkie

    ^Hi O! i think a red dress and pearls make a great team :D!!

  5. Piggy

    Love it, so class. Any chance to see you in red dress & pearls….:):):)

  6. larkie

    ^thanks Ruth! your assessment makes me feel a lot better as i was chiding myself for not being able to get the accessories to cooperate :D!

  7. Ruth

    Actually the shoes really appeal to this outfit, it counters the very proper pearls and jackie O vibe with something that’s got a bit of zip. That dress is gorgeous and you look amazing in it!

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