A Leo For An Aries

So it’s another year for the 4/18 Club but I’m not reporting about our annual meeting till later this week when I see Lil A for her third (where has the time gone!) birthday. Instead, today is all about a Leo for an Aries–a very special “Leo” bag that I received on Monday as an early birthday pressie. It was in the works for months because it’s not easy to find this limited edition purse from so many seasons ago, and in pristine unused condition at that!

You’ve already read here about my love affair with the larger sized Leo flaps which I’ve featured over and over…

But my collection was not complete till I found the mini Leo:

I know what you’re asking next…just how mini is this new leo? Here it is next to the 2.55 in the mini (224) size:

So yes, this Aries is all set with her Leos.


  1. larkie

    thanks everyone, it was a very happy bday!!

  2. Scholastican

    Happy birthday, MissL!

  3. d

    Happy B-Day, L! Can’t get enough of your Leo collection!

  4. irene

    Happy Birthday Larkie

  5. Lani

    Oh weird. Anonymous was me! lol

  6. Anonymous

    Happy birthday Larkie!!! Love all your Leos!

  7. larkie

    ^happy late bday to you, too. you’re our honorary fourth 4/18 club member :D!!

  8. April

    Happy Birthday, my sweet, mine was yesterday, aka the 417 club. LOL. Love these Leo bags! Wish I had snagged one back in the day. Enjoy all your “stuff” !

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