Chanel 2.55 Flap

It’s no secret to you dear readers that one of my all time favorite handbag styles is the Chanel 2.55 flap. I adore it in all sizes and finishes…

Is it about the secret compartments and hiding places…

or the engraved link chains…

or delicious quilted leather choices that draw me in, year after year?

Probably all of the above. I like the fact that it can transition from day to night, work to play.

But my number one reason for collecting this bag is that it’s always going to look both classic and modern, even 30 years from now. Looks like I’m in it for the long haul…even while patiently waiting to go orange :D.


  1. larkie

    hi Lauren, welcome to my blog! it’s always fun to meet a fellow chanel lover 😀

  2. Lauren

    Hi Larkie,

    I stumbled on your blog through tpf and I’ve enjoyed reading your entries, especially this one because I love the reissue bags. We have three things in common: I am Vietnamese, practice law and love Chanel! 🙂 looking forward to your entries… Best, Lauren

  3. ogane

    If you’re not ready for B35 yet, may I suggest the Celine Mini Luggage?

  4. larkie

    Hi Jel! the one that i have on is the 227 size so it does look big on me; it’s about 12″ across. There’s a great story behind the history of the 2.55 flap here:

    well, i’m always “in the process” of finding my dream b35…but you know how it goes with hermes these days. it’d be easier to win the lottery at this point than finding a birkin or kelly available for sale!

  5. Jelita78

    Love the black reissue flap.
    Is the one lining up same as the size you modelled there larkie? Looks kinda large..
    What size is that?
    And i still wonder why does it called the 2.55?? Can u post the story behind it?

    And whatttt?? U’re getting miss birkin??

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